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The All-Deadline-Or-Close-Enough Acquisition Team!

A roster of players acquired in July/August for the D-Backs

Raul Mondesi readies for the pitch Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

With the recent acquisition of J.D. Martinez, and the subsequent holding of our collective breaths after his second at-bat, the Diamondbacks added another player in their history of guys they acquired near the deadline to help with a playoff push. A flip side to guys acquired in July or August is when you’re selling to stockpile talent, and we all know the Diamondbacks have done that a lot too.

I’ve compiled a 25-man roster of players the Diamondbacks acquired in a trade that occurred during the months of July or August. I didn’t discriminate between whether they were buying or selling at the time, nor if the player acquired was in the minors for years before seeing action. Everyone here did play in more than one MLB game for the Diamondbacks after acquisition.

C -Koyie Hill

1B - Brandon Allen

2B - Aaron Hill

3B - Chris Johnson

SS - John McDonald

LF - Adam Dunn

CF - Bernard Gilkey

RF - Raul Mondesi

Bench - Mike Difelice (C)

Bench - Mitch Haniger (OF)

Bench - Tony Clark (1B) (The second time around when he was acquired from the Padres)

Bench - Tony Abreu (IF)

Bench - David Eckstein (IF)

SP - Curt Schilling

SP - Daniel Hudson

SP - Patrick Corbin

SP - Livan Hernandez

SP - Joe Saunders

RP - Mike Fetters

RP - Leo Rosales

RP - Matt Mantei

RP - Joe Thatcher

RP - Jon Rauch

RP - Scott Schoeneweis

Closer - Brad Ziegler

Would this be a particularly good team if everyone played at their theoretical career peak? Well, some of them would be. That’s the nature of trades. You think you might be getting the final piece of the puzzle, but it could just wither away and not mean anything in a year’s time. Enjoy that sort of meaninglessness, kids!