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The Two Weeks in Diamondbacks Tweets

Though there’s also an All-Star break in there, I guess...

David Cameron Holds The First Cabinet Meeting Since The UK Voted To Leave The EU Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Slacked a bit and took last week off, since there was an All-Star Game instead of any regularly-scheduled D-backs baseball. Though if I’d planned things better, I should probably have taken this week off, since I find myself doing Tweets of the Week on my 15th wedding anniversary. [“I’ll be right there, darling...”] Oh, well...

Tweet of the Week

Sadly, this one flew right over the heads of the AZDOT social media person, whose response didn’t quite grasp the nature of the question...

Honorable mentions

You’ll be a question on Sports Jeopardy one of these days, Grant...

The Games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamondbacks 4, Dodgers 5
Diamondbacks 6, Reds 3

The Jumbotron had D-backs as various Game of Thrones characters, including Jake Lamb as Jamie Lannister, since they share initials. But that’s not all...


Diamondbacks 0, Reds 7
Diamondbacks 1, Reds 2

The last game before the All-Star break was marked by some particularly obvious issues with the grass at Chase Field:

Diamondbacks 3, Braves 4

The exit from the bandwagon is at the back...

Diamondbacks 5, Braves 8
Diamondbacks 1, Braves 7
Diamondbacks 11, Reds 2
Diamondbacks 3, Reds 4
Diamondbacks 12, Reds 2

O RLY? And finally, someone who went back and deleted the original Tweet just after the final out of the D-backs’ biggest win in almost a month. Don’t worry: the SnakePit never forgets...