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Snake Bytes 7/20: Ouch, That Smarts

The Diamondbacks lose to the Reds in the 11th inning. J.D. Martinez leaves his debut game after just 2 at-bats with a hand contusion. His status is day-to-day.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 3, Reds 4

Apparently, the baseball gods were unhappy with the D-backs getting so much for so little. Thankfully, J.D. Martinez’s hand injury caused by an inside pitch thrown by Tim Adelman does not appear to be too serious. To add insult to injury, the D-backs lose in 11 innings while the Rockies and Cubs continue to gain ground in the wild card chase. Zack Greinke lasted only 5 innings while giving up 3 runs as he appeared to be shaking some cobwebs after pitching only 1 inning in almost 2 weeks.

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Martinez, D-backs Relieved After ‘Scary’ Moment

Do you remember those batting gloves Jeff Bagwell used to wear? They looked like a bulletproof vest for the hand. Ever since Goldy got hit in the hand causing a fracture in 2014, hand injuries at the plate have been my biggest nightmare. I guess those Bagwell gloves are too bulky and don’t look cool, but they sure would make me sleep better knowing our players had some protection there. Hopefully, J.D. will be able to handle any pain going forward and not allow it to affect his swing.

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Diamondbacks Tweak Lineup with J.D. Martinez

Torey Lovullo added J.D. Martinez to the lineup batting 5th as expected. But he also swapped Peralta and A.J. Pollock and flipped Goldy and Lamb at the top of the lineup. His reasoning is a sound one. When the D-backs go out in order in the first, it allows Goldy to lead off the second with his high OBP. I like that it offers Goldy protection against left-handed pitching with J.D. Martinez having such strong numbers there.

The Lessons of the J.D. Martinez Trade

It appears that one of the reasons the Diamondbacks got a good value in the J.D. Martinez trade is that the other contenders simply did not need him nearly as much as the D-backs did. Especially after the injury to Yasmany Tomas. Supply and demand principles helped the D-backs out on this one.

Randy Johnson’s Perfect Game Rated 19th Best in History

I refuse to believe that something “perfect” can ever be bested. By definition, perfect cannot be improved upon. But apparently some perfection is better than others in baseball.

Around MLB

Pitcher Strength of Schedule

It is a fact that Patrick Corbin has faced the weakest lineups of any pitcher in baseball. Combine that with a 4.66 ERA and it is not a wonder there are some who want to see him pitching out of the bullpen. With Delgaldo on the DL, options are limited.

MLB Execs: Get Ready for Trade-Deadline Dash

Anytime I see a mock draft or read about trade rumors I start to lose interest quickly. It is like predicting who will win the British Open. I’ll just wait until it happens.

CBS Sports Power Rankings

The Diamondbacks are still ranked 5th which seems to be consensus. Despite losing so much this month, the rest of the league still has not caught up. Getting back to winning baseball is needed to keep us there.