Fang Food: Apple Pie Nachos

Rockkstarr12 here, filling in for imstillhungry95, and I bring to you my review of one of Chase Field's newest food items, the Apple Pie Nachos.

The Apple Pie Nachos consist of cinnamon sugar flour tortilla chips, vanilla frozen yogurt, apple pie filling, & whipped cream. They are very tasty, with a sweet blend of vanilla frozen yogurt, apple pie filling, and the crunchiness of cinnamon tortilla chips. My mouth felt like it was in heaven with this delicious dessert, but there was one thing I really could have done without: the overload of whipped cream they doused my Apple Pie Nachos with.

I am not a big fan of whipped cream to begin with, as it has always been way too sweet for me. It gives me a headache and a stomach ache, so a little of it goes a LONG way. This sweet concoction gave me a headache but it was delicious otherwise.

As for portion size, 2 people could easily share this delight, like my friend & I did, or one extremely hungry person could indulge in it all by themself. Either way, you definitely get your money's worth. The price is $9.00.

Drawbacks: the aforementioned extreme amount of whipped cream, and the vanilla frozen yogurt made the tortilla chips get soggy quickly, creating a bit of a mess.

Tip: make sure to bring a lot of napkins and also some spoons.