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Diamondbacks 11, Reds 2

You remember the five game losing streak the Diamondbacks were on coming into this game? Yeah, me neither. A big blow out on the road has a tendency to make that happen. The big blow came in the fifth inning. Behind SIX extra base hits, they scored six runs, giving them a six run lead that they just never looked back from. Rey Fuentes added a three run home run in what might end up being one of his last at bats before being DFA’d in favor of the incoming J. D. Martinez.

Meanwhile, Robbie Ray had pretty much the start you would want from a burgeoning ace in the middle of a losing streak. He went six innings, only giving up four hits and two runs. A little lighter on the strikeouts than we are used to from Ray, but he was still effective. Full, happy recap to follow shortly!