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Snake Bytes 7/13: Back to Work

The D-backs started the season an impressive 53-36, but struggles the last 2 weeks give the team an opportunity to bounce back and finish strong.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Diamondbacks Eye Quick Start to Start Second Half

The Diamondbacks started the year off strong. They developed a knack for falling a bit behind, but eventually getting the best of pitchers the second and third time through the lineup. That comeback mentality lasted all the way through June. It would be nice if the Diamondbacks can regain that mindset and start out strong during the second half as well.

D-backs Quartet Relishes All-Star Experience

It seemed like a positive experience for the All-Stars. Robbie Ray got his rest, but it seems that Lovullo is committed to getting the rotation in a proper lefty-righty sequence with Greinke followed by Ray for the first time this season even if it means they skip the Atlanta series. Sounds good to me and it will be nice to win some games not started by Greinke.

D-backs Playoff Picture and Odds

Honestly, I’m not worried about the odds anymore. If the Diamondbacks play like they did in the first half they will be fine. Even if it is a wildcard, the first slot is a prize to be had so the game is played at Chase Field where the D-backs have played extraordinarily well this season and has been key to the turnaround.

Strong Start Keeps Diamondbacks in Strong Position at Break

That strong start was obviously key. If it didn’t happen, Hazen would have been justified to be major sellers to remake the team in his image. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Losing now with hopes that prospects change the future is a recipe that will fail as often as it succeeds.

Torey Lovullo Scores High on D-backs Midseason Report Card

It would be a mistake to not give Lovullo some significant credit for the season so far. He has shown confidence in the pitching staff and his team plays hard every game. On some of these media report cards, the Diamondbacks get a lot of “B” grades. Which is fine, but one should have to give the starting rotation an “A” despite some Corbin difficulties for a month and a half.

Around MLB

MLB’s Most Valuable Teams: D-backs Pass $1B

It’s nice to see the D-backs going up in value. Will it lead to a boost in payroll to keep the core together a few more years? Making a run this year will help, but is not a guarantee.

Fan Graphs Updated Trade Value List

It appears that Goldy has dropped to #23 on the list this time. I suppose his friendly contract only has 2 full years left and he will be at the wrong side of 30 at the end of it. But that’s fine by me. Less value means they will be less-inclined to let him go for unproven prospects. He is a durable player that takes great care of himself. I imagine he will produce at a high level for many years to come.

The One Move Each Team Should Make in the Second Half

ESPN takes the side of those who say Bradley should replace Rodney. I doubt that will happen unless Rodney blows up a couple more times this month. We shall see how it plays out.

The Dodgers-Astros Debate

Let the coronation begin. This will not be the last national article that is written this year that implies the Dodgers becoming champions is a foregone conclusion. But it is the last time I will put such a link on Snake Bytes. After some time of reflection after the series in Dodger Stadium, I feel a bit better knowing that the D-backs lost a bunch of one-run games. With the last one being ridiculous. Sometimes I do wish that Torey Lovullo would summon his inner Dennis Green after a game like that. Maybe not a full-blown meltdown Green style, this is baseball after all. But the truth is, the Dodgers were let off the hook that game. It might be hard to catch the Dodgers this year, but it sure would be satisfying if it happened. Lovullo does seem to know how to push the right buttons, I have faith that will continue.