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Snake Bytes 7/12: AL Wins ASG in Extras

This year’s Summer Classic was punctuated by a number of great pitching performances, including a great showdown between Craig Kimbrel and Paul Goldschmidt in the ninth inning before Robinson Cano clinched it for the AL with a home run in the 10th.

88th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

National League 1, American League 2

Great pitching was the name of the game Tuesday night. Zack Greinke contributed a scoreless sixth inning, and Paul Goldschmidt tried to end things in regulation against Craig Kimbrel, but ultimately came up short. Robinson Cano hit a solo home run in the 10th to put the junior circuit up for good.

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Diamondbacks Relish ASG Experience

Zack Greinke pitched a clean sixth inning. Paul Goldschmidt and Jake Lamb played the field, and Robbie Ray watched from the bullpen, as a long arm for extras. All of them enjoyed the moment.

Walker to Open 2nd Half in Atlanta

Giving all-stars Zack Greinke and Robbie Ray some extra time off, the Diamondbacks will turn to Taijuan Walker to open the second half of the season when they take the field Friday evening in Atlanta.

Jeff Mathis “Recipient” of Worst Strike Call of Season (so far)

There have been a number of bad calls on pitches throughout the season so far. Maybe the umpires were still in their own version of spring training when this call was made on April 8th by Angel Hernandez, when Trevor Bauer was gifted a strike that missed the zone by nine inches outside, turning ball four into strike two. Given that Jeff Mathis isn’t exactly known as an offensive threat, this had to sting even more for the Diamondbacks’ catcher, especially when he put the pads back on to sit in front of Hernandez a few minutes later.

The Diamondbacks in the First-Half

Kevin Zimmerman gives a rundown on Arizona’s exciting first 89 games.

The Miller Trade Revisited

More than 1.5 seasons after the trade was made which sent Shelby Miller to the Diamondbacks, neither team is getting quite what they expected.

Veterans Bringing Fire, Leadership to Diamondbacks

One need look no further than the clubhouse campfire in catcher’s corner after games are over to see the sort of engagement the clubhouse has this season.

The Diamondbacks, World Series Underdogs

The Diamondbacks do not lead the league in any of the triple crown categories or any of the pitching equivalents. That might be a good thing.

Second-Half Surge Could Garner Great Attention

If the Arizona Diamondbacks stay within sniffing distance of the NL West crown, especially if they are led by the likes of Greinke, Goldschmidt, Pollock, and Lamb, the amount of attention they get on the national stage could be quite impressive.

Pollock’s Performance Sunday is Encouraging

A.J. Pollock was gone for so long that many forgot just how dynamic a player he could be. Sunday’s all-out effort was encouraging in that he appears to be suffering no ill-effects from spending nearly seven weeks on the shelf.

Can the Diamondbacks Add a Needle-Mover at the Deadline

There is no question that there are areas the Diamondbacks could improve to increase their odds in October baseball, but do they have the ability to make the necessary trades? Even if they do, should they?

Diamondbacks’ Mid-Season Top-10 Prospects

Inside the ‘zona lists their top-10 prospects from the Arizona pipeline. Included are two of this year’s draftees.