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Scouting Report: Logan Warmoth, SS, University of North Carolina

J.B. Bukauskas isn’t the only North Carolina player that should be on the Diamondbacks’ radar.

When you look at draft eligible prospects from the University of North Carolina, the first name that comes to mind is J.B. Bukauskas. JBB isn’t the only North Carolina player that’s projected to go in the 1st round. Thanks to a tip from blue_bulldog, I’ve decided to add Logan Warmoth to the list of names that could be under slot picks at 7. Warmoth is a late riser who really took off the summer after his sophomore season. In the Cape Cod League, he hit .270/.330/.450 with 4 homers and used that to springboard a strong junior season and a potential Top 20 selection.

Hit: Warmoth in his final two seasons hit .336 and .337 with solid walk rates. Strikeouts went up with the power in his junior year, so that’s a concerning thing when he sees more advanced pitching in the minors. He has excellent strike zone discipline and hits the ball to all fields. His walk rate was just below 10%, so you like to see more improvement in that area. Grade: 50/55

Power: Warmoth saw an improvement in extra base hits towards the tail-end of his sophomore year and exploded onto the scene his junior year. He posted career highs in doubles, triples, and home runs as a junior and that came off a strong showing in the Cape Cod league after his sophomore year. I am a bit concerned that his strikeout rate nearly doubled at the same time though. Grade: 45/50

Speed: Warmoth doesn’t possess blazing speed, but maximizes the use of his above average speed. Home to first time of about 4.2-4.3, which is solid for a right-handed batter. On the basepaths, he’s a 25+ steal threat with excellent base-stealing instincts already. Fits right into the mantra of the Diamondbacks’ ability to create opportunities with their baserunning. Grade: 55

Defense: Defensively, he has enough arm and range to start out at shortstop. He has the hands and instincts to handle the difficult position, needing very few reps in the minors. Projects to be an average defender at worst at the position, a little bit more range and throwing arm as he adds more muscle to his frame should help him stick there defensively. If the Diamondbacks draft him, he will get every chance to prove he belongs there. Grade: 50/55

Warmoth doesn’t have All-Star upside at SS, but if the Diamondbacks find themselves in a situation where they rather take a sure bet at 7 instead of player with high upside and high risk, Warmoth is a solid under slot pick. In an organization that doesn’t have any quality shortstop prospects above A-ball, Warmoth certainly adds more quality depth at the position. Even if he doesn’t stick at SS, 2B is not necessarily a bad idea because Brandon Drury does not look like the long term answer there and Chris Owings will be a free agent by the time Warmoth gets to the majors.

Upside: B+

Risk: B+

Grade: B