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Diamondbacks 10, Padres 2: RayDay, KDay, MakeThePadresCryDay

Thank you Diamondbacks for finishing this one by the second inning, BECAUSE I HAVE A NEW PUPPER AND I AM VERY DISTRACTED

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This game wasn’t very close, and, honestly, if felt even less close than it was. My dad, brother, and I were there, and honestly quit watching after the fifth inning, opting instead to talk about Scooter Gennet’s four homer game, a potential new car for me, politics, and our upcoming game in one of the suites.

They wasted no time in reminding the Padres who the good team was and who the cellar dweller is. Gregor Blanco lead off the bottom of the first with a double that from my angle look oh so close to being a home run. David Peralta lined out, and then Goldschmidt was HIT BY A PITCH IN THE HAND BECAUSE THE PADRES ARE AN AWFUL TEAM AND DESERVE TO ROT IN BASEBALL PURGATORY. Luckily, he seems to be fine. However, I will continue to hold my breath for a few more days. I seem to recall past hand injuries where it took a few days for them to realize the extent of the damage.

Anyway, moving on, where were we? Right, Blanco on second, Goldy on first. That brought Jake Lamb to the plate. He did not waste his chance, smacking another solid double to basically the same place Blanco hit his, bringing both runners around to score and giving the Diamondbacks an early two run lead.

They didn’t stop there, and were right back at it again in the bottom of the second. Chris Hermann starting the inning off with a walk. Robbie Ray struck out, thanks to some of the worst bunt attempts I remember in a long time. Blanco got his second double and moved Chris to third. Peralta struck out, and Goldy was given first, this time with a normal walk, no potentially career ending incidents involved. Lamb once again made them pay, this time with a single, for two more runs. That put Goldschmidt and Lamb on for Owings, who took the second pitch he saw and hit a no doubter to left field, capping off the five run inning.

Meanwhile, Ray was pitching like the blossoming ace we have come to expect. He kept the Padres scoreless through three and two thirds innings before giving up a solo home run to Hunter Renfroe. That closed the book on his scoreless streak at 27.2 innings, putting him third in the Dbacks all-time list behind Brandon Webb’s two scoreless streaks of 42 and 30 innings respectively.

That basically was the end of the game, even though they played another five innings after that. The Diamondbacks added three more in the bottom of the fourth to round out their total at ten. Whilhemson finished the game after Ray was taken out with two outs in the top of the seventh. The only blemish on his game was Refroe’s second solo homer of the night, and he even got to hit for himself once. All in all, a very fine game.

HAVING A PUPPER: Jake Lamb 26.3%
Not having a pupper: David Peralta: -9.3%

Very quiet GDT, with only 326 total comments. Guru lead the way with 55. All present were:

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I know it’s typically frowned upon for the recapper to give themselves COTN, but I am so excited, so I will make an exception for this tweet of mine.

I have a pupper, temporarily, and this makes me very happy. Have a good night everyone :-)