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Pit Your Wits ‘17: Week 9

One day I’ll learn to stop doing nerd themed prompts, but last week was not that week

Hubble Photo Shows Andromeda Galaxy Photo by NASA/Getty Images

As usual, and one day I’ll learn this is the case, not a whole lot of input for last week’s superhero themed prompt, but we did get a few really good ones. In first place, with the only Sedona Red comment, AzRattler!

Heath Bell - Sith Lord

Primary Power – Force Choke

as he did to us every time he gave up a save

Posted by AzRattler on May 27, 2017 | 12:58 PM reply rec (5)

In second place, we find Makakilo, with a very on brand answer

Fernando Rodney - DC Comic's Green Arrow

He deploys a range of trick arrows, especially in the ninth inning.

When passion is channeled into a compelling enthusiasm and desire, the result is awesomeness.

Posted by Makakilo on May 27, 2017 | 4:55 PM reply rec (3) flag

And rounding out our podium tonight, MrMrrbi! Though his knowledge of the Batman canon may be slightly lacking, considering I don’t know how humble the Dark Knight’s origins were ;-)

Paul Goldschmidt - BATMAN

From humble beginnings, BATMAN has trained himself to physical and mental excellence. While not having an extraordinary superpower, BATMAN uses the utmost of his human abilities to fight the scourge of criminal pitchers in Gotham.

BATMAN has recently grown a half-beard, no doubt to conceal his secret identity as millionaire Paul Goldschmidt.

Baseball is the greatest game ever invented. Ever. Say Amen.

- Ernie Banks

Posted by MrMrrbi on May 27, 2017 | 5:50 PM reply rec (2) flag

And now for this week’s updated standings

Nate Rowan-6
Keegan Thompson-4

This week, I want to revisit a prompt I have used in the past, but seems more and more relevant, since Manfred keeps talking about expansion. I want you to choose any location in the universe for MLB to add an expansion team to, and provide your reasoning. Go!