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D-backs 4, Cardinals 10 - Bullpen implodes

The normally superb bullpen was less than that today, giving the Cardinals a series win at home.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into today’s game, the bullpen was the least of the team’s concerns. Over the past month, the bullpen has combined for 81.2 innings pitched and a 1.87 ERA. So if you were expecting them to lose a game THIS way, especially at home, well you’re a soothsayer and I want to know the lotto numbers.

Before the bullpen imploded, the game was going just fine and dandy. Patrick Corbin settled into a groove, giving up 2 runs over 6 innings while striking out 6. Now the Cardinals aren’t the most fearsome team in the league, but Pat can’t be blamed for his opponents.

The offense did some nice things themselves against Lance Lynn, nothing really damaging or ego-breaking, but nice things. 3 runs on 4 hits against Lynn, who will see some interest approaching the trade deadline. He’s a good pitcher, and the D-backs did some things well against him.

But man, for how good Rubby de la Rosa was coming into today’s game, this just shows you how unforgiving it is being a reliever. Both at-bats, the hits came with 2 strikes. Both of the pitches were sliders. The walk didn’t help much either, but by that point the damage was done. The homer followed, and that was the game for all intents and purposes.

Randall Delgado came in and wasn’t helped much by Lamb, who continues to struggle throwing the ball to 1st. After a quick flyout, it went single, walk, single, strikeout, double, double, walk, and strikeout to finally get out of the inning. Delgado’s been really good as a starter, but boy allowing Martinez to reach sucks all the air out of you.

It was just one of those series for the D-backs. The other team gets all the breaks and you try your best to salvage something out of it and they did, winning the first one. Oh well, right the ship for the important ones against the Rockies.

Key contributors on offense today were Gregor Blanco, who doubled home Ketel Marte in the 3rd after he hit his own double. Blanco tripled in the 6th to break a 2-2 tie and Lamb got the run home with a grounder. Others included the usual suspects, Paul Goldschmidt and Jake Lamb homered in the 4th and 9th innings respectively. And that was about it on offense, with the D-backs combining for only 6 hits and 1 walk. Onto the Gamegraph. It may be wise to avert your eyes.

Source: FanGraphs

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Gregor Blanco (+22.6%)
Secrets of Mana - Paul Goldschmidt (+13.5%), Patrick Corbin (+12.6%)
Shaq Fu - Rubby de la Rosa (-45.0%)

Decent showing for another matinee game, with 33 of you commenting. Comment of the thread goes to MrMrrbi for spitting the truth.

Like I mentioned earlier, this series with the Rockies is the start of a brutal stretch. The D-backs need to at least go .500 here. Anything less and well, we’ll see how it goes.