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Jake Lamb’s swing analyzed on MLB Tonight

As Lamb’s skills have evolved over his last three seasons, Sean Casey analyzed Lamb’s powerful new swing

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jake Lamb has taken his performance to the next level this season. Coming into today’s game, Jake had an OPS+ of 132, up 18 points on last season. He’s on pace for 35 home-runs and 127 RBI. What has triggered this sharp improvement in 2017? Earlier this Sean Casey took a look on the MLB Network’s MLB Tonight show, beginning by putting Lamb’s performance this season simply: “He really drives the baseball to all parts of the field.”

  • On Lamb’s performance this season: “This year and last year he’s hitting the ball and driving the baseball. [He’s] really letting it travel, really staying in his body and really getting that good whip-bat speed from not letting his hands get out in front of him.”
  • On Lamb’s 2015 performance: “Different swing. His approach, that back elbow, his hands get out front, that front arm pulls through his front hip and it doesn’t allow him to really rotate on that back side and whip the bat.”
  • Analyzing Lamb’s new swing: “Now he’s got a little leg-kick but look at the bat path. He drops the barrel in the zone. The front arm pulls, the back arm is down, it’s tight to his body. The whip of the barrel, the barrel bat speed is unbelievable how he gets through the baseball.”

Here’s the full analysis [any Google AMP users who can’t see the video, click here]