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Pit Your Wits ‘17: Week 12

Last week,I asked you what we needed to do to gain ground on the Dodgers and Rockies. Then, of course, we went out and won a series against Colorado. I’m going to take the credit for that one...

The Sonoma Marin Fair Hosts Annual Ugliest Dog Competition
Somebody please explain to me what makes this dog ugly??
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Not a whole lot of activity on this one. Only two people more than one rec. Getting the most was Hazzard21 with an A+ Futurama reference:

A deal with the Robot Devil

Robbie Ray gets his hands and never gives up a run again this year, but we have to give Corbin as collateral, where all he does is whine in the Devil’s ear like Calculon

Bring out the Robot Umpires

Arizona Sports Fan

Posted by Hazzard21 on Jun 17, 2017 | 12:57 PM reply rec (6)

And in second place, with three recs, is MrMrrbi!

To ensure division championship

A simple sign in the pool area

No Dodgers Allowed

Baseball is the greatest game ever invented. Ever. Say Amen.

- Ernie Banks

Posted by MrMrrbi on Jun 17, 2017 | 1:15 PM reply rec (3) flag

And in a tie for third, we find, in chronological order of posting, Makakilo, AzRattler, TylerO, and DC! Not going to post them all here, but feel free to go check them all out. Now for the updated standings!

Nate Rowan-6
Keegan Thompson-4

Hat tip to Jim for this week’s prompt. Part of the ongoing dispute between the County and the Diamondbacks over Chase Field is the lack of big ticket events being hosted at Chase to generate revenue for the upkeep and improvement of the stadium. If you were in charge of the booking of Chase Field, what events would you book? Go!