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Preview, #72: Arizona Diamondbacks @ Colorado Rockies

After seeing the victory they had snatched away, in turn taken from them, the D-backs will seek to even the series at Coors Field tonight.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Lineups

Gregor Blanco - CF Charlie Blackmon - CF
David Peralta - RF DJ LeMahieu - 2B
Paul Goldschmidt - 1B Nolan Arenado - 3B
Jake Lamb - 3B Mark Reynolds - 1B
Brandon Drury - 2B Carlos Gonzalez - RF
Daniel Descalso - LF Ian Desmond - LF
Chris Iannetta - C Trevor Story - SS
Nick Ahmed - SS Tony Wolters - C
Taijuan Walker - RHP Jeff Hoffman - RHP

So, there would be no eight game winning streak for the D-backs, who first took the lead in the top half of the eighth last night, before losing it in the bottom half, as the teams exchanged two-spots. Is that more annoying a way to lose, than being behind from the start? Is blowing a lead worse than never having one? I've never been able to come to terms with a definite decision on that. Obviously, the later the lead is blown, the worse it is: nobody really notices if you don't win a game where you're one-up in the first inning. But if you're one up in the ninth, that's an issue. The margin of the lead likely plays a part as well.

The nature of the loss probably matters: was it a case that the opposition won the game, or more that you lost it? Last night was a bit of a mixture. The Rockies' first run feels like it was the result of the D-backs' two errors in the inning. But it ended up being scored as an earned run on Greinke, due to the other events that happened during the frame. However, there were also a number of missed opportunities for the D-backs to get back into the game before the eighth inning. Perhaps in hindsight, there was no more pivotal than Lamb being caught stealing with runners on the corners and no outs in the sixth. Though Arizona scored, they were still left to play catch up.

But what the eighth inning showed, yet again, is that this team does not give up. There were many games last year, where Arizona would fall behind, and you might as well find something else to do, because the contest effectively felt over. For example, the 2016 Diamondbacks won only 12 times all year, after falling behind in the first two innings. They have already surpassed that tally this year, with 13 such victories. Indeed, they actually have a winning record - 13-10 - when they're behind going into the third. Those joking comments about "We've got them right where we want them," appears to have more than a little basis in truth.