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Arizona Diamondbacks blown calls of the week, June 14-20

Two off-days this week gave the players some rest. Did that also give us refreshed sets of eyes behind home-plate?

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images


  • 26 bad calls in total, averaging 5.2 per game. But this was the result of four well-called contests and one stinker, which was charged with more bad calls than all of the others put together.
  • An entire road week, with the five games taking place in three different cities: Detroit, Philadelphia and Denver. But after a late comeback in the opening game against the Rockies, the split this week ended even at 13 in favor of the D-backs and 13 against the D-backs.
  • The totals for the year
    Overall: 249-283 (46.8% favor the D-backs)
    Home: 134-133 (50.2%)
    Road: 115-150 (43.4%)
  • The road split inches slightly towards even, but we are still looking at a skew against the D-backs away from Chase which only has about a 3.65% of being obtained by chance.
  • Best-called game: June 17, 5-1 @ PHI (Paul Nauert). Just two calls were tagged in the second game of the Phillies series on Saturday, which makes this one of the best-called games of the season so far.
  • Worst-called game: June 16, 5-4 @ PHI (Carlos Torres). On the other hand, this one was so far off the mark, particularly in contrast to the other games this week, that I genuinely have to wonder if there was some kind of calibration problem. I haven’t checked, but the fourteen calls returned in this one must be some close of season record. The Fangraphs’ chart below certainly seems to indicate there is room for improvement.
  • Worst confirmed call. This comes from the same game and is present on the above plot. But it’s not perhaps the one you might think - the black dot at about 7pm in the above strikezone, well up from the bottom and in from the left-hand edge, which appears a terrible call. That one came in the 9th inning, and was flagged by @dbacksump, but was classed at 10% agreement, significantly more than the one below. I guess this goes to illustrate the differences in the systems.

The individual games

June 14,2-1 @ DET (Tom Woodring)
  • 4 bad calls (1.55% of pitches)
  • 2 help, 2 hurt
  • 1 outrageously bad call
  • Bad call score: 336
  • Worst call
June 16, 5-4 @ PHI (Carlos Torres)
  • 14 (!) bad calls (4.95% of pitches)
  • 6 help, 8 hurt
  • 2 outrageously bad calls
  • Bad call score: 1,178
  • Worst call
June 17, 5-1 @ PHI (Paul Nauert)
  • 2 bad calls (0.62% of pitches)
  • 1 help, 1 hurt
  • 1 outrageously bad call
  • Bad call score: 172
  • Worst call
June 18, 5-4 @ PHI (James Hoye)
  • 3 bad calls (0.78% of pitches)
  • 1 help, 2 hurt
  • 0 outrageously bad calls
  • Bad call score: 248
  • Worst call

This is interesting, because there seemed to be a lot more complaints about this one than any other game this week. However, the automated tracker didn’t seem very upset about this at all, with no especially egregious entries.

June 20, 3-4 @ COL (James Hoye)
  • 3 bad calls (1.20% of pitches)
  • 3 help, 0 hurt
  • 1 outrageously bad calls
  • Bad call score: 270
  • Worst call