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Snakepit Fantasy Gauntlet: The Mega Update

Where I try to recap 6 weeks of fantasy baseball, albeit lazily

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all Snakepit Fantasy managers, so sorry to basically let 2 months go by between updates. I had a couple weeks of some really bad mental health, and then beginning of June I had, well let’s just say a “situation” forcing me to move out of my former place very hastily and sloppily for temporary accommodations. Can’t get into it anymore than that, but I haven’t had many chances to sit down and write outside of some comments and a GameDay Thread here and there (plus my one guest recap that I signed up for 3 weeks ago that I knew I would honor), but the recap has finally arrived. This will basically just be an update on the standings for all three leagues, some commentary, and maybe a couple of player recommendations, I won’t be doing every segment I had been doing. I also think I shall be changing this to a bi-weekly article, every week the grind of fantasy baseball gets to you and the last thing you want to do is analyze it even more, and there often is not a lot of engagement on the articles themselves. So I’m going to cut it back to every other week, but still have the same basic types of coverage.

Now, without further ado, your updated Fantasy Standings for the end of Week 11 (no way was I putting 6 separate tables on here):

Week 11 Standings

Premiership 1-A 1-B
Premiership 1-A 1-B
Alabama Slammers 65-39-6 Ace Tomato Company 69-35-6 Going Going Gonzo 75-30-5
Mizzoula Osprey 63-39-8 AK Ice Vipers 67-33-10 Hazzardous Choices 64-45-1
AZ SnakePit 62-39-9 Teamname Vacant 68-38-4 Back2Back 60-44-6
Angry Saguaro 59-46-5 Steve's Superb Team 58-47-5 Joe Buck Yourself 59-46-5
Wango Fangdango 59-46-5 Cornhuskers 57-48-5 Goldschmidt Happens 58-48-4
Waffles 58-46-6 E.V. Statpadders 55-51-4 Rally Time 50-47-13
Yasmany Mo B There 55-49-6 Jake Lamb Chop Suey 53-50-7 Moral Support 52-50-8
Towersbot 42.0 55-49-6 Atown dirty fries 52-52-6 Perennial .500 52-53-5
The Life of Carlos 51-51-8 Ladmo Baggers 51-53-6 Vair Force One 48-50-12
Battle of the Bandas 49-54-7 Goldschmidt Happens 48-57-5 The Hungry Heroes 49-55-6
Sofa King Juiced 46-53-11 Sharp Sticks 43-58-9 Dc Team 42-60-8
Greinke to Victory 47-57-6 Scott's Okay Team 43-64-3 Xerostomia's Team 41-63-6
Disco Quest 45-56-9 Blackadders 33-67-10 Pitchers Galore 38-67-5
The Baseball Furies 44-58-8 Lamb Chops 31-75-4 Cursed to Mediocrity 37-67-6
MyWieterGetzLongoria 42-66-2
CGS 26-78-6

Well, after looking at my previous article, it seems that everyone has more or less fallen in line to the general areas of the leaderboard that they have been in. Some of that could change, with the Premiership at half the league within one good 10-0 week of claiming the top place, and League 1-A has a tie for 1st and 2nd is only 2 games back. League 1-B, well it looks like the leaderboard of the NBA at the end of the regular season. While 2nd through 8th place are all within 10 games of each other, first place has a whopping 13 game lead over second (I’m in 2nd, playing the team in 1st this week, so this very well could change, just like Arizona and Colorado this week).

Basically Leagues 1-A and 1-B are fights for the remaining playoff spots. I don’t know the rules for playoffs in Premiership and 1-A, but 1-B has an 8 team playoff, so there’s still plenty of wiggle room and plenty of time to at least take a crack.

Lot’s of stuff has happened to baseball players over the last couple of months. Pollock got hurt, Segura got hurt, came back, and got hurt again, Mitch Haniger, James Paxton, Jameson Taillon, Howie Kendrick, and a smattering of others all came off the Disabled List, and a bunch of other players went on and off the DL more than the Dodger’s pitching staff. Oh, right, MIKE TROUT went on the DL, too. You don’t truly recover from that, you just try to hold on tight and ride it out and hope you can get some replacement for a few weeks to hold on and make a last month surge at the end of the season.

Oh and Nolan Arenado hit a walk-off home run to hit for the cycle. Cut to all D-Backs fans on their knees screaming at the sky ala Wrath of Khan. Just for that, screw it, he’s my MVP for that entire 6 week period. That’s impressive and I don’t want to do anymore research.

So there we have it. I finally have my life settling down a little bit again, the D-Backs are kicking ass and taking names and fighting the Rockies for 1st place this week, Pollock should be returning, the All-Star voting is about to reach a fever pitch, and nothing is truly settled yet in the 3 leagues. Let’s keep having fun, everyone, and good luck to all.