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Arizona Diamondbacks 5, Miami Marlins 7: Workcap-Beercap

Well, got told I couldn’t get off work early as I initially expected (long story), so I write to you all now from my office cube.

Can I leave yet?

Record: 34-23. Pace: 97-65. Change on 2016: +10.

Soon though, very soon indeed, I shall have a beer and complete my great work.......

Staple 1: Staple McStapleson

  • Just an ordinary staple, destined to bind layers of paper together on their way to mostly meaningless meetings. Such is it’s existence in the office world.
  • Perhaps just as un-thrilling as the humble staple is seeing Corbin start today, and I’m sure most of you reading this likely feel the same way. The wheels seem to have just about fallen off for him this season. Makes you wonder if they sent down Godley to make room for Walker AND give Corbin one last start before Godley replaces him. Not saying, but I am saying.
  • The top half of the 1st sees some silent bats from us, increasing my early-onset-Corbin-anxiety. Lets hope our bats provide some kind of cushion here soon, we may need it....
  • My early fears already seem confirmed and Stanton gets a 1out double. Overreacting? Probably, but you gotta wonder when/if Corbin can right the ship. Radio guys pointing out that righties have been lighting up Corbin to the tune of .320 in May; not good.
  • Yup, those fears are real. 0-2 Miami after a two run blast. May problems transferring right one over to June. Godley may not have to wait too long in Reno.
  • Followed by another 2run blast....0-4 Miami and we’re still in the first. I’ll be needing those beers for sure once I get out of the office.

Staple 2: Lord Staplemort

  • Staplemort has a dark purpose; to bind pages specifically meant for 2+ hour long revenue meetings. Thus he bends his will towards to vile goal of workplace oblivion. It is foretold though that Staple Potter that undo his plans and bring peace to the workplace. So it has been written, so it shall be done.....
  • Well, that wasn’t a very fun inning. Perhaps it was bad luck to write so harshly about Corbin before he even through his first pitch? Maybe it’ll be good luck if it leads to Godley’s return.
  • EddBiggHead’s comment on Corbin “He can catch a DFA to released land.”
  • Some grumblings of offense in the 2nd, but despite getting runners on 3rd and 2nd our bats are still warming up. Hoping Corbin can at least keep things in check in the top half of the frame.....hoping.
  • Corbin must have listened to my prayers as we escape the 2nd without giving up anymore runs.
  • Goldy gets us back into the game with his 13th HR of the year, bringing in both himself and Peralta. 2-4 Miami going in to the bottom of the frame.
  • FREEDOM!! Going into the bottom of the 3rd and I’m free from the shackles of my cubicle. I’ll be writing some more soon, and this time with a beer in hand versus a staple.

Beer 1: Finest Kind IPA by Smuttynose

  • Finally, a beer and as I drink it Ianetta makes it 3-5 with a majestic homerun. yay beer
  • Goldy with yet another RBI! The 5th inning is working out very well, and as I type that Lamb drives in another tieing the game up at 5-5
  • Another HR, and not one or ours. Corbin just loves to give those up, bringing an end to the tie 5-6 Miami.

Beer 2: Black IPA by Santa Fe Brewing

  • Corbin’s still in going in to the bottom of the 6th. No reason to take him out yet I guess, since the offense appears to have shown up today.
  • The night is finally done for Corbin, but he leave two men on with no outs. Nothing easy for our bullpen as he exits.
  • JDLR comes through!!! It’s 5-6 still, but hope exists.

Beer 3: Blood Orange IPA by Dubina

  • New beer is no sign of good luck as another Miami run scores making it 5-7.
  • This’ll be my last beer, so they had better pull even at the very least. Not quite looking like it, but I can dream at least. 5-7 Miami going in to the bottom of the 8th.
  • The top of the 9th is upon us. Our last best hope, and my time to get away. With that in mind I’ll let Jim finish. goodbye

Beer 3.5: Jim’s usual Friday evening Stella

I was going to finish this up at work, in the spirit of Turumbar’s cubiclecap, but in the end, opted to do it from home. There really wasn’t much more to report, as the D-backs went quietly in the ninth, and the three-game winning streak ended. Here are a somewhat frustrated Patrick Corbin, and manager Torey Lovullo discussing the the game, with @FoxSportsArizona:

With Taijuan Walker not ready to go on Sunday, it seems likely that Corbin will get at least one more start in the rotation. But with his ERA over the past six starts still perilously close to nine, and batters hitting home-runs almost at will since the start of May - 11 in just 32.2 innings, he may be on thin ice once Walker comes back. Especially if Delgado, now virtually stretched out to full starter length, continues to perform well in that role.

Click here for details, at
The Mayor of Casterbridge: Paul Goldschmidt, +14.3%
The Return of the Native: De La Rosa, +12.2%; Lamb, +11.6%
Desperate Remedies: Patrick Corbin, -48.2%
Jude the Obscure: Wilhelmsen, -11.2%; Tomas, -11.1%; Owings, -10.8%

Thanks to the attendees in the GDT for their presence: Anisha0913, AzDbackfanInDc, AzRattler, BenSharp, BigSmarty, Cumulus Choir, DORRITO, DbacKid, Gilbertsportsfan, GuruB, I suppose I'm a Pessimist, Imstillhungry95, Jackwriter, James Attwood, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Joey Lewis, Justin27, Keegan Thompson, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, Renin, Smurf1000, SongBird, Sprankton, asteroid, coldblueAZ, dzuch, edbigghead, hotclaws, kilnborn, megnetic, noblevillain, oldbadgerfan, onedotfive, pete25, preston.salisbury, since_98 and smartplays. Just the one Sedona Red entry, so comment of the thread to SongBird:

Tomorrow’s it’s an afternoon game, with first pitch at 1:10pm, Arizona time, and Delgado taking the mound for the D-backs. As noted above, he should be close to full length, having thrown 92 pitches last time.