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Arizona Diamondbacks 5, Philadelphia Phillies 4: Brunchcap for the sweep

In which commiserative beers turn into a celebratory cigar

Oktoberfest 2008
[Not actual recapper :)]
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Record: 44-26. Pace: 102-60. Change on 2016: +13.

Happy to get a brunch out of changing my recap from Friday to Sunday. Works out pretty well really.

Beer 1: Hop Chowda New England Style IPA by Goldwater Brewing Co.

  • Yet another beer trend dawns: The New England Style IPA. Very cloudy, very juicy and very good. God I hope this style trend sticks around.
  • I barely have time to take my first sip when Goldy launches a two run bomb and the Owings follows up with a solo shot. Only two outs on the books and three runs in and I’m already loving this brunch.
  • Ray continues to do Ray things; produce K’s or produce 2k’s and allow one mistake HR. 3-1 DBacks, and I’m pretty sure at this point that Ray won’t make that same mistake again.
  • Ooooorrrrr..he’ll just make his mistakes at the plate from now on. Pretty craptaskic bunt he tried to put down there in the top of the 2nd. Mindnumbingly awful.
  • I really should just shut up when it comes to Ray. Gives up another solo shot and I swear I’ll no longer type about him from now on. 3-2 Dbacks going in to the 3rd.

Beer 2: Juice Monkey NEIPA by Scottsdale Brewing Co.

  • Since I’ve turned a new leaf in not mentioning He-Who-Must-Pitch-Better, time to get a new beer. They say this is a New England style IPA, but it’s not cloudy, so I call ass on that claim. It is yummy though, and juicy, and an ideal hair-of-the-dog after a busy Saturday.
  • Father’s Day in full swing around the ballpark and the nation. Dad insisted on treating himself to a steak house dinner tonight, directly implying that my taste in beer-centric restaurants clashed with his unending lust for French Bordeaux wines.
  • A certain pitcher who I promised not to type about appears to be doing not so hot: 3-3 now and I’m pretty sure I jinxed that person I cannot speak of.....
  • That same thrower of spheroids has just juiced he bases in the bottom of the 3rd. Pretty sure Pod People are involved since this same orb hurler was far better his previous five outings.
  • He gets through, but he ain’t long for this game.

Beer 3: Citrazona IPA by Barrio Brewing Co.

  • Yes, I need my hops today. One of my best friends stated that if a bar were to serve a cup of hops and a side of water to add to it that I’d like it. He was not wrong.....
  • Going in to the 5th, we are still tied at 3, and that three dimensional circle accelerator still looks shaky, but at least has endured.
  • That pig-skin thrower is at 94 pitches going in to the 6th. Still a tie somehow at 3-3 and this game appears to have regressed in to boredom

Beer 4: BOOM Dynamite by OHSO

  • More hops, but this time with mango and graprefruit. Godsend, though not great enough to wash away the stagnant game.
  • Hoover comes in and gives up a 2-run 1-run double and suddenly the sweep that seemed to be on at the start of the game is now very much off. 5-3 Phillies 4-3 Phillies thanks to the bad call at the plate getting overturned.
  • Still hope, but slightly fading. Can’t put a damper on this amazing season though.

Cigar 1: Viaje Super Shot 10 gauge

  • Switching gears a bit with a cigar. Love them almost as much as fine craft ale.
  • Hoover getting pulled in the 7th after being....ok. Cant hate too much on a pitching staff that has been so good, but you gotta beat those teams you should beat.
  • Where art thou offence? Where hath ye gone? Still. 3-4 Phillies going into the bottom of the 8th, one more chance to go.....
  • Tie game thanks to Blanco!!!!! 4-4 with men on 2nd and 3rd and no outs. Hope still blooms true, but the tie remains to end the top half of the frame.
  • Fuentes, who I’ve never heard of, saves us all with his first major-league HR. 5-4 Dbacks! Rodney cleans up the mess with his goofy hat and I’m off to watch the last of the US Open. Go Dbacks!!!!!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

Just sitting on this one to ensure the Giants are able to close out their lead over the Rockies (#NoLeadIsSafeAtCoors)... Oh, look: the Rockies walk it off. This is my unsurprised face. So, both they and us come back from behind in the ninth. Bring on Colorado on Tuesday!

Click here for details, at
Maybe I'm Amazed: Rey Fuentes, +32.5%
All You Need is Love: Peralta, +27.6%; Rodney, +19.7%; Bradley, +13.5%
Live and Let Die: Chris Herrmann, -23.7%
Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time: Jake Lamb, -19.2%

A long, mostly annoyed Gameday Thread, I think it’s safe to say, as what looked like a blowout, turned into a grinder of a game, on a day where the humidity sucked the life out of me through the TV set. So I dunno what it was like for the players. Present were: AzDbackfanInDc, BenSharp, BobDolio, Cumulus Choir, DORRITO, DbacKid, Desert_Devil, GuruB, Jackwriter, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Joey Lewis, Keegan Thompson, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, Oldenschoole, PaulGoldsmith, Sean Testerman, asteroid, bbtng, catbat, hotclaws, kilnborn, lg451, onedotfive, since_98, smartplays and winger49. Comment of the day to Jackwriter:

I think we can safely say he found it. The win is the D-backs 7th in a row, and as mentioned above, sets up a crucial series against the Rockies at Coors. That begins on Tuesday, after an off-day tomorrow, with Zack Greinke starting for the Diamondbacks. #ReadiesPopcorn