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Snake Bytes 6/17: Corbin, Offense Good Enough

Patrick Corbin was better but not pretty and Jake Lamb committed a crucial error, but another late push by the offense lifted the Diamondbacks to a victory over the cellar-dwelling Phillies.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Arizona 5, Philadelphia 4

Patrick Corbin had his longest outing in a while now, pitching six full innings. He started with three perfect innings, but then started hanging pitches and the results were predictable. Jake Lamb clanked a hot shot off the heel of his glove in the sixth, leading to two unearned runs. However, Gregor Blanco tied the game up with a two-run homer in the seventh, and Jake Lamb found redemption by driving the winning run home three batters later.

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Is Corbin Turning Corner?

Patrick Corbin pitched through six full innings for the first time in four starts on Friday night. He also notched a win for a second consecutive game, the first time he has done that in two years. Is this Corbin righting the ship? Or is this Corbin simply benefitting from facing San Diego and Philadelphia?

Gregor Blanco Making Most of Opportunity

Gregor Blanco is doing all h can to make sure the Diamondbacks do not miss A.J. Pollock while he is out.

Pollock Set for Rehab, Return from DL Nearing

A.J. Pollock will start his rehab assignment in Reno today and is currently expected to only need 10-15 at-bats before returning to the 25-man roster. That would put Pollock on track to rejoin the team when Arizona returns home to Phoenix to face the Phillies.

Without Trout Who is Baseball’s Best Offensive Talent?

Those watching plenty of Diaomndbacks games should already know the answer to this one.

Lamb, Goldschmidt in Search of National Recognition

Fans of the Diamondbacks know who these two players are, and most people have some idea of who Paul Goldschmidt is. BUt outside of Arizona’s market, these two players still fly largely under the radar when it comes to all-star recognition

Tweaking the Roster for a Playoff Push

The Arizona Diamondbacks are starting to enter new territory, one in which they will need to make some decisions on how to make a good team even stronger in order to get the most out of a postseason run.

Top-50 Trade Deadline Candidates

Not one name jumps out as a good target for the Diamondbacks, but then, they also have no players on the list, not even in the ranks of other players considered - listed by team.