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Watch the D-backs tee-off at Chase Field. Literally.

At least if the D-backs move out, there's an alternative use for Chase Field. As a golf-course.

With the U.S. Open Championship starting tomorrow, Fox Sports Arizona made a tee time for an Arizona Diamondbacks foursome at Chase Field. The mission for Archie Bradley, Andrew Chafin, Jeremy Hazelbaker & T.J. McFarland ? Try and hit a ball from the upper deck into the pool. Hang on - I thought the point of playing golf (and being Scottish, I should know these things) was to try and stay out of the water?

This is not actually the first time a major-league park has been used for the purposes of spoiling a good walk (to quote Mark Twain). Each of the past two seasons, Petco Park in San Diego has been turned into a nine-hole course for a week in November [though let’s face it, they could easily have scheduled it during the MLB playoffs without issue. #PadresGonnaPadre] The 2,700 available tee-times sold out in hours this time round.

It’s kinda weird seeing Chase Field totally empty, and hearing the balls bouncing around. I remember we went to Friday’s Front Row there, for the first game of the 2011 NLDS, in Milwaukee, and the park was (obviously) similarly deserted. Would be a good place for a slasher movie. :) Maybe this would be a good ‘Pit Your Wits contest for a future week. Come up with alternative uses for a vacated Chase Field?