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Diamondbacks 7, Tigers 6

Arizona Diamondbacks v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

This game should have been nowhere near this close In the middle of the sixth, the Diamondbacks had a 98.6% WE and a six run lead. By the time three more outs had been recorded, that had dropped at one point to 43.7% and the game was tied at 6.

The offense clearly did their part. Drury had a two RBI single and home run to his name, and Goldy had a two run homer as well. Zach Grienke was pretty phenomenal as well, only allowing three baserunners, a walk and two singles, through the first five innings.

It really was just the defense that was the big weakness tonight. Grienke was the victim of one big error that directly allowed a run to score and was indirectly responsible for a couple more, as well as a non catch by Peralta that turned into an RBI double. It ended up being a six run, sixth inning for the Tigers, which tied up a game that had looked to be in the bag.

However, this is the latest incarnation of the Never Say Die-amondbacks. The Tigers brought their closer in for the top of the ninth, and Peralta took him deep to break the tie, and give the Diamondbacks the lead and the win. Full happy recap to follow!