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2017 MLB Draft Day 1 Open Thread

Open thread to discuss the 2017 MLB Draft and rant that the Diamondbacks did not draft the player you liked.

The 2017 Draft begins with the Twins taking the first pick. The Diamondbacks have three picks slated for today: 7th, 44th, and 68th. The 7th pick of the draft has been discussed ad nauseum on the page the last two weeks with scouting reports and different takes on individual players. Hopefully I did a good job of at least informing every Snake Pitter of the potential choices for the Diamondbacks potential selection with the 7th pick.

Further Reading: Michael McDermott’s Mock, June 10th Mock Round Up, Draft Scenario Spreadsheet

Time: 7pm EST (4pm AZ time)

TV: MLB Network

Live-Stream: Link (Those away from a computer)

Draft Picks:


MLB draft crush: Pavin Smith

Either the best or 2nd best hitters in the draft. Dang!

Posted by Minor League Ball on Wednesday, June 7, 2017