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Preview, #64: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Could do with some better pitching today, all round.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

No line-up since at the time of writing they're not available. Mrs. SnakePit and I are doing the "dinner and a movie" thing. Though I guess it's actually more of a "late lunch and a movie", since we're heading out for an afternoon viewing of The Mummy. Should be back in time for the Gameday Thread, and will include the line-ups there. Unless we get stuck in the supermarket on the way home, in which case the Gameday Thread will end up being posted on my phone from Aisle 7, and I'm not prepared to guarantee it will include anything!

It will be Zack Godley's seventh appearance, and he has given the team a quality start every time but the first outing, where he allowed two runs over five innings. They've been remarkably consistent in terms of the number of pitches thrown: every one of the six has been between 84 and 98 pitches, which seems relatively terse. But Godley has been efficient with it, requiring only 14.2 pitches per inning, which is why he has been averaging 6.3 innings per start. That's very impressive: National League average is only 5.6 innings, and while Godley hasn't yet thrown enough to qualify, it's the same as Robbie Ray. There are just 10 qualifying NL starters with a higher figure.

The D-backs will also be going for the 11th consecutive home delivery of tacos, having scored five runs or more in each of the last ten contests at Chase Field. No National League team has had a longer streak at home since - and this is my unsurprised face - the Colorado Rockies had 12 straight in July 2008. In fact, all four streaks since 1998 which are longer than 11 games, belong to the Rockies. It's almost like their home park is hitter friendly or something... We'll see if the D-backs can challenge that streak today and tomorrow.

And with that, off to see my Mummy. :)