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Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Milwaukee Brewers 8: Live Beercap!

The Brute Squad has just arrived to Chase Field, and woe betide any Brewers fan that gets in our way. Its pretty quiet here so far, but savaging is brewing...

Record: 37-26. Pace: 95-67. Change on 2016: +11.

Beer(s) 1: Bud Light and Michelob Ultra

  • Gotta start slow and hydrate prior to a long game and nothing says hydration like a light/lite beer. Both myself and EdBiggHead will be writing this and I trust you more seasoned readers will be able to tell our unique writing styles apart.
  • Not so good start: 3 hits, a walk and 3 runs. Delgado not exactly in fine form at this point. Butcher comes out after the third run to inspire Delgado with his endless wisdom. Also not a good sign.
  • Delgado strikes out Phillips to end top of 1st. 0-3 cheese eaters
  • Lamb laughs at your pitches. He laughs from his mountain. 3-3 tie after Lamb crushes Davies pitch with great disdain.
  • 3rd inning and backs have doods on 2nd and 3rd, threats.
  • Indeed, but nothing doing. Still 3-3 going in to the 4th. We grow thirsty....

Beer 2-3ish: Generic IPA and another MC Ultra

  • Lamb charges, throws out some clown at 1st to end the cheese crisps 3rd.
  • Davies done did what Delgado don’t do; field a ball. Yes, that’s right, pitchers can use thier glove as Davies demonstrated to end the 4th. Still 3-3......
  • Hernananananana with a 2 out bomb, dfa Delgado. 3-4 Brew Crew.
  • Luckily Goldy answered our prayers in the 5th and we’re tied yet again. 4-4
  • McERA proceeds to crush our dreams the next inning giving up 2 runs and driving us to drinking.... again. 6-4 Brews
  • Pepsi t shirt toss makes me wish for death
  • top of the 7th now and MacERA is still in the game for some reason

Beer 4ish: More IPA’s for everyone!!

  • just found out my sister, who is at the game with us, is romantically pursuing a dodger fan.... The red, it filters through
  • After that bit of drama our vaunted bullpen gave up even more runs. 4-8 Brew People going in to the bottom of the 7th.
  • D-backs make it a game again with a couple runs in 8th. We’ll see if its enough. 6-8 Brew Peeps
  • bottom of the 8th i want to end Butcher, want to hug Lamb, The crowd here is dull
  • Bout to roll out a taquito cuz f our pitching and f Descalerror
  • Ok. we’re done here. this game proceeds too slowly at this point. bye
  • Kill me slow ass game wtf mlb fack this slow asss game

Bells and whistles, by Jim

Yeah. This was a “death by 1000 cuts” kinda game. Another nine-inning game which ended up taking nearer four hours than three, not least because all our pitching changes except the first one came in the middle of an inning. The (rather extended, truth be told) delay, apparently figuring out how to get an injured Brewer off the field didn’t help. A stretcher was apparently not available. Hey, at least there’s no Comey testimony tomorrow for Senator McCain to worry about. I guess we had to expect a stinker from T.J. McFarland eventually, and this one was certainly a case of regression to the max, as he was charged with four runs, while retiring four batters.

All hail the offense who did what they could: David Peralta had three hits and a great outfield catch, Goldie a pair of knocks, and Lamb two walks in addition to his bomb. But it wasn’t enough, although the team did deliver home tacos for the tenth consecutive game, extending the record set last night. The bottom of the order failed to carry their weight, the starting players in slots #5-8 going a combined 0-for-14 with one walk. If only Drury’s pinch-hit double had come in place of Nick Ahmed, with the bases loaded the previous inning...

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Jake Lamb, +26.2%
Edward Scissorhands: Drury, +10.9%; Goldschmidt, +10.2%
Mortdecai: T.J.McFarland, -28.8%
Dark Shadows: Ahmed, -20.7%; Owings, 18.5%; Delgado, -12.4%

Seriously low GDT, which fell short of 200 comments: I think many of the usual suspects were otherwise engaged (NBA Finals?) and/or at the ballpark. hotclaws led the way, and other present were BobDolio, Cumulus Choir, Gilbertsportsfan, GuruB, Jackwriter, Joey Lewis, Keegan Thompson, Makakilo, PaulGoldsmith, SongBird, aldma, asteroid, coldblueAZ, kilnborn, makattack71, noblevillain, onedotfive, since_98 and smartplays. Just the one Sedona Red comment, by asteroid:

Mrs. SnakePit provides the following photographic evidence thereof. Appropriate background caption is appropriate.

Zack Godley will seek to do better than Delgado tomorrow night at Chase Field, with a late start at 7:10pm. We may be going to see The Mummy. Or maybe not.