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Uniform Tracker: May

Our monthly look at the myriad uniform combinations and their records.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

When the team whose uniforms you’re meticulously recording Win/Loss records for is doing well, the exercise becomes a sort of fun madness, rather than just madness. You feel like they could do better here or there with regard to combination choices, but you’re not screaming a manifesto from your apartment window and somehow that is the reason you don’t get your deposit back.

Let’s just dive into the numbers. (Here is where we stood last month)


Uniform Type Wins Losses
Uniform Type Wins Losses
Home/Snake/Black 6 1
Away/Snake/Black 2 6
Home/Teal/Black 6 3
Away/Teal/Black 6 0
Home/Red/Snake 3 1
Home/Red/Red 1 0
Home/Black/Black 2 1
Away/Red/Black 0 5
Away/Black/Black 1 0
Throwback Thursdays 3 0
Holiday Home 0 2

Some thoughts:

  • The Diamondbacks are playing very well at home, we all know this. However, boosting their road record have been games wherein the teal outline road uniforms have been worn. They are undefeated in those (including last night), and could stand to maximize their usage.
  • The yin to that yang has been the road games wherein the red tops are worn. The Diamondbacks are winless in those, and it could be troubling, as they frequently seem to come up.
  • A few new combinations made their debuts this past month. We’ll take them one by one. First, the Home uniform where Red Hats where worn in the field. Unlike last year, it did not take until the final game of the season to record a win. I’m not quite ready to say the Red Hat Curse is dispelled, since the Diamondbacks did play the Mets and their weird negative voodoo counteracts all. However, it’s a good start.
  • The road variant of the black uniform appeared in a game. That game was won, so good job, everyone involved!
  • I found out long ago (Whoooooooa), not a good start to the Holiday Home (jerseys) (Whoooooooa). But yeah, the Diamondbacks were looking good to take at least 3 of 4 from the Pirates over Mother’s Day Weekend, but the special uniforms that MLB imposed said differently and the Diamondbacks split with the Pirates. You might say “Well, it’s not the uniform’s fault” to which I say “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE CONCEIT OF THIS, YOU HAVE TO MEET THE AUTHOR HALFWAY!”

Again, these will drop the last Friday of every month during the season, so tune in next time!