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NL Player of the Week, Jake Lamb on MLB Tonight

After being named NL Player of the Week Jake Lamb joined yesterday’s MLB Tonight.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

[Link to video for Google AMP users, etc.]

The conversation included discussions with Jake Lamb on being a power-hitter and his recent 480-foot home run:

  • On being a power-hitter, Lamb said: “Not 29 home runs [worth]. I hit a lot of doubles. In Double-A I think I hit around 40 doubles. I knew the power was in there, it was just a matter of tapping into that power.” [Lamb now has had almost the same number of hits in the majors and minors - 297 to 299. But the ratio of homers to doubles is much more powerful in MLB: 50:57, compared to 37:84 in the minor-leagues]
  • With regard to his recent 480-foot home run, Lamb said: “I knew I got it good. It’s nice as a lefty when you hit a ball to right field or right-center field, I can watch it as I’m going to first. I was a little surprised where it landed, I haven’t seen a whole lot of balls hit up there. As a hitter, you don’t care if it squeaks out or if it goes way out. A home run is a home run, so it’s always nice to get those.” [ESPN had it at 468 feet, tied with teammate Paul Goldschmidt as the fourth-longest in the majors this season]