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If the season ended today

... that would be odd

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Darin Wallentine/Getty Images

It’s only May, but sometimes early in a Baseball season it’s fun to see what it would look like if the season ended today with the standings locked in the way they are. It’s a neat way to look at which teams are unexpectedly hot or cold, and a reminder there’s still a long way to go. But let’s take a look at

If the season ended today

... Silence engulfs ballparks across North America. Baseball season ended today. Nobody knows why. It just... stopped. It’s really strange.

“We just didn’t want to play baseball anymore.” a representative from the New York Mets said. It should be noted that this we before we told him that The Season Ended Today.

Nobody can quite explain why the season ended today. There was no oncoming labor dispute, no national tragedy putting baseball in the background. It was just decided that the season ended today.

We wouldn’t get to witness what surprise division winners Milwaukee and Colorado and Minnesota would do in a postseason . It would actually be Colorado’s first division title ever. People forget that. The Rockies haven’t won the NL West, ever. Should be said. A Diamondbacks-Dodgers Wild Card Game at Chase Field would have an amazing atmosphere, but alas. The AL one would be just as compelling, as the Orioles and Red Sox have a bit of history this season, and a one game playoff, would tensions boil over?

We will never know, because the season ended today.

Most Baseball fields are being used for Kenny Chesney concerts now. They didn’t deserve that, but they had to fill the space with something. Except in San Francisco. The seagulls have sensed this moment of weakness.

They are our masters now. We must slave away in the mines for scraps of food to feed to the new rulers, who demand a decadent lifestyle. The rest of us fight over the flotsam left over. It is a dark time.

That’s what would happen if the season ended today.