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New York 3, Arizona 7: Home Runs for Everyone!

Zack Godley had another quality outing despite a poor start to the game. Then the Diamondbacks found their bats in the eighth and had fun with home runs while the recapper had fun with tequila.

New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tonight kicked off the first of three against the banged up and dysfunctional New York Mets. Zack Godley took the mound, looking to solidify his case for becoming the team’s fifth starter, in place of Shelby Miller. New York sent Zack Wheeler to the mound. Both pitchers were looking to prove something, though recent injuries and events have pretty much secured Wheeler’s place in the rotation.

The first inning was a pretty uneventful one for both sides, though Godley had trouble throwing strikes, a problem that would become a recurring one. Fuentes made his Diamondbacks debut, filling in for the injured A.J. Pollock. He promptly struck out. Goldschmidt managed a two-out double, but nothing else transpired.

The second inning was a slow-moving affair. Godley’s lack of control was on full display. He wasn’t just missing the zone, he was missing by a wide margin. One pitch to Duda resulted in out number one. Walks to Reyes and Granderson, followed by a single by Rivera put the Mets on top 1-0. Wheeler struck out. Michael Conforto woke up both Godley and the booth with a wicked come-backer that Godley snagged out of the air up near his ear. That concluded the Mets’ half of the inning, and got the blood flowing.

Time to fix a drink to calm the nerves and see what the Diamondbacks do in the bottom of the inning.

The Diamondbacks sent Yasmany Tomás to the plate to start the second. Wheeler had his own trouble finding the zone, and walked the slugger on five pitches, only one of which was near the zone. That brought up Brandon Drury who struck out looking. Next to bat was Nick Ahmed to face a right-hander with a tough curveball and some serious heat. That went about how one would expect with Ahmed fisting one to the second baseman up the middle. Jeff Mathis continued the offensive futility and the Diamondbacks went into the third down 1-0.

I’m going to need a stiffer drink.

After throwing 36 pitches through the first two innings and only getting strikes out of 14 of them, Godley brought his seeing-eye dog to the mound for the third. 12 pitches and 11 strikes later, Godley and the Diamondbacks were headed back to the dugout to get to work with the bats.

Time for a celebratory shot, I’m thinking Casamigos Añejo.

After dealing with the Mets in the top of the innings, Godley was first to step into the box in the bottom of the inning. Wheeler dealt with him and then quietly sent down Fuentes before Owings came to the plate and jumped on the first pitch. Owings smoked a 47-hopper to semi-deep short and legged it out for an infield hit. Time for Goldschmidt to bat with a runner on. Well, at least he made the left fielder run to catch the ball.

Time to refresh the drink.

Sigh. Godley is back to walking hitters. That brings up the speedy Jose Reyes. There’s the bunt, but a great play by Jeff Mathis turns a bunt-hit into a sacrifice. Time for a Steve and Bob knowledge drop. It seems Reyes is number two among active players in infield hits with 280 of them. He’s got some work to do to catch up with the active leader in the category though. Ichiro has 680 of them. Why is Rivera walking to first base instead of digging in? Oh yeah, a no-pitch intentional walk. Those things are so stupid. Wheeler lines out to Tomás on a bit of a knuckler. Thankfully Tomás stayed with it and caught it in the crouch.

Yup, time for another nerve-calming sipper.

Great, like we need more reminders of just how “slow” this game has gotten, adding fuel to the fire of needing to make the game faster and more interesting. Brenly’s “Legacy Moment” features a pair of games. IN 1918 Walter Johnson and Larry Williams both pitch complete games in an 18-inning affair that only takes two hours and 47 minutes. Then in 1991 the Red Sox and White Sox set a new record, going four hours and 11 minutes in a “regulation” 9-inning game. Seriously, I just hope the Commissioner isn’t watching this broadcast. Lamb pounds one through the right side to bring up Tomás. Tomás works the count in his favour 3-0. On 3-2 he lifts and launches one to right field, but it’s caught up against the outfield fence for a long, loud out that fooled Steve. Drury responds my fisting one hitting one off the handle up the middle that Reyes snags on a diving play. Two out and Ahmed coming to the plate. Granderson fields it in front of the pool.

After four, the guys from New York are still up 1-0 and the Diamondbacks have only three hits and a walk. But hey, they’ve only struck out three times.

The Mets kindly go down quickly in the fifth, including a nice double play started by Jake Lamb. We are now at the halfway point. Time for another stiff drink.

Tired of the lack of offensive support, Zack Godley takes matters into his own hands with one out. Run counter-clockwise Zack, first base is that way. Wheeler throwing 95 down the pipe confuses Fuentes. Two out. Owings jumps on the first pitch and makes it runners on first and second. Goldy up with a runner in scoring position and speed at first. 96 at the letters has Goldy take a massive cut but come up empty. Uh-oh. My drink is empty. Sound the horn Goldy, I need a refill. Ouch, fouling a 96-mph fastball off the instep has to hurt. And there’s a pop-up of a hanging curve. Bugger. Well, that’s the end of the inning. Time to switch things up. No more hard drinks.

The amaretto is lovely in my chocolate.

Despite his slow start, Godley is looking good. He’s still walked five, but one of those was intentional. He’s only thrown one walk since the second inning and still only allowed one hit. Somehow though, he’s still losing. The Mets go quietly and after six, Godley only has one run allowed and a game score of 67.

Jake Lamb digs in to come and save Godley from an undeserved fate. SIREN!!! Jake Lamb goes to left-center to tie the game. It sure would be nice to see Tomás do the same. Nope. A lazy fly to right. And there goes Drury, watching a 96-mph fastball strike three. Wheeler sits Ahmed down, but at least it takes six pitches.

More amaretto and chocolate is called for.

Zack Godley takes the mound for the seventh. Lovullo is showing confidence in his guy. Sigh. Fielding woes continue to hurt. With two outs, Godley bobbles fielding a slow grounder back to him. E-1 puts Zack Wheeler on first and brings up Michael COnforto. Lovullo comes out of the dugout. That’s the end of the night for Godley. I’m out of Casamigos, but I’ll just down this drink in a toast to Godley for a job well done. Hoover on to face Conforto with a runner on. The slider brings a big strikeout and we go into the bottom of the seventh still tied. Zack Godley’s night comes to an official end with a game score of 72. That’ll do.

Mathis leads things off in the bottom of the seventh. He responds with a hit through the 5.5 hole to bring up David Peralta in a pinch-hitting role. That brings an end to Wheeler’s night. Granderson makes a very good play coming in and making a sliding grab in center field. That’s a highlight play. A mini-tip of the glass to you sir, even if you are on the other team. Fuentes flares one to center field. Not even Granderson can get this one. Jeff Mathis decides he has Pollock’s wheels and tries for third. Catchers trying to take extra bases rarely works out well. This is no exception. Mathis is out by 10 feet and change. Fuentes slips into second on the play. Hansel Robles on to pitch. Owings chases a slider at his neck and the inning comes to an end.

Given the lack of crowd noise, I am now wondering about tonight’s attendance. The place looks almost empty on camera.

Jorge De La Rosa takes the mound to face Rivera, Bruce, and Walker. With two outs, Walker tallies the Mets’ second hit of the game, a double, but De La Rosa fans Duda next to end the inning.

Here we go. Eighth inning. Hansel Robles stays on the mound to face Goldy, Lamb, and Tomás. BAM!!! Terry Collin might want to rethink leaving Robles in. Goldy goes yard off the center field wall. That Goldschmidt’s fourth home run in three games. Of course they are going to review this one. The call on the field is home run. The guys in New York are taking an awful long time to review this one. Well $#!%. The call is overturned and Goldy is sent to second base with a double. It still looks out to me. And now Lamb wanders over to first after getting the intentional pass. That brings up Tomás with runners on first and second and no one out. Oi, Steve – Shoosh! This is not when we want to be reminded Tomás is 4-for-33 this month. BOOM SHOCKA-LACKA!!! The center field wall is taking a beating tonight. That one isn’t getting reviewed. Diamondbacks up 4-1.

Drury jumps on the first pitch he sees and doubles down the left field line. Nick Ahmed makes the first out of the eighth. Jeff Mathis goes BOOM! LOL at Hansel Robles and the Mets. We now have Jumbo Jacks and tacos, and are well on our way to discounted pizza tomorrow. That brings an end to Robles’ night. That give me time to get a refill and celebrate some of those jacks. The Mets bring in Josh Edgin to pitch while I am getting more amaretto. Daniel Descalso is brought in to pinch hit for De La Rosa. LOL Mets! Your pitching changes mean nothing to the Diamondbacks. Daniel Descalso drop one in the pool. 7-1 Diamondbacks. This one feels like it might even be safe with Rodney in the bullpen. Owings walks. That brings up Goldy again. He gets plenty of lift on this one, but it’s just a long fly to right.

The only question now is, who pitches the ninth for the Diamondbacks? I’m guessing Bracho gets the nod.

Yup, Silvino Bracho is on the mound and starts things off by striking out Jose Reyes. Granderson slaps the first pitch he sees into right field for a hit. That’s okay, Rivera strikes out. Ugh. 7-3 Diamondbacks. Wilmer Flores just dropped one over the left field fence. That brings up Conforto. Stop making this interesting Bracho. Conforto barrels one up, but it goes foul. That gets Rodney back up in the bullpen. Bracho hangs on though, he strikes out Conforto to end the game.

Tonight had a relatively active board with 572 comments. Taking lead honors was Michael McDermott, followed by AZDbackfanInDc

COTN goes to blue_bulldog

 Mathis hit a HR

Goldy should be ashamed he only got a double

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Source: FanGraphs

Casamigos: Zack Godley 26.9%

Patron: Jake Lamb 20.5%

Jose Cuervo: Reymond Fuentes -11.9%

7-3, Diamondbacks win. Now they go into the next game with Zack Greinke taking on Tommy Milone. That should be another win.