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Arizona Diamondbacks 3, Pittsburgh Pirates 4: Beercap with the GF

My GF, who shall be referred to as the Crimson One from now on, has decided to join me in my endeavor today. Regrettably (thanks to Cox) this will be a radio only beercap from my house, but we’ll make it work.

No R.O.U.S’s in this game

Record: 21-17. Pace: 90-72. Change on 2016: +4.

Beer 1: Tower Station IPA by Mother Road Brewing Co.

  • The Crimson One reads her bookclub book next to me as I write this. No action in the 1st inning for either team, though our boys in Sedona Red did juice the bases. Gotta agree with EddBiggHead though. Not having Owings and Pollack in this lineup does drive me crazy.
  • There is a small rat terrier here as well that is so cute that it is almost distracting. I must maintain, I must focus, this article must be complete.
  • Decided to turn on (muted of course) The Longest Day. Since this game has started out slow, might as well insert one of the finest war films ever made to spice things up.
  • Ahmed, who EddBiggHead and I hate on, does a thing by hitting a bomb in to the bullpen. 1-0 Dbacks, but I still think Owings should have gotten the start.
  • The day before Mother’s Day and my mom gets hit by a golf ball right between her eyes. This in turn broke her glasses in half, leading to 12 stitches and two black eyes. Poor mom.
  • End of the 3rd and it’s 1-0 Dbacks still. Feels like this game is turning in to an unexpected pitchers duel. To relieve us from this boredom Crimson and myself are arguing over how tall John Wayne was. Apparently he was known for wearing lifts in his shoes and a corset to boot!

Beer 2: Collaborative Haze- Hazy India Pale Ale IPA brewed with MANGO YO!

  • Both The Crimson One and myself love mango IPAs and this one is awesome. What’s not awesome is Walker proving he’s mortal and giving up a run in the 4th to tie the game up. 1-1 now and tons more baseball to go.
  • Drury then boots a routine grounder and it’s now 1-2 Bucs. Couldn’t see the play (thanks Cox) but judging from the call it must have been pretty pathetic.
  • Still only scants amounts of offense in the game and we’re going in to the 5th with the Bucs clinging to a tiny lead. Luckily I have excellent company by my side and a decadent burger waiting in the wings.
  • Another Dbacks defensive blunder leads to Harrison getting a triple that might have only been a single had any Dbacks even cared an ounce for defense.
  • That error leads to a 1-3 score and more frustration. Were it not for StellaDog being here to comfort me I might be flying into a unassailable blood rage right now.
  • Thankfully The Longest Day keeps it’s cinematic glory chugging along, much unlike our offense this game. Seriously, great film with an allstar cast. Check it out. Still 1-3 going in to the 6th.
  • Another run for the accursed Bucks in the 6th making for a not so lovely 1-4 score. Ugghhhh

Beer 3: Dayslayer India Pale Lager by Stone Brewing

  • Well, at least we got more beer, because the Dbacks just don’t have any offense. Maybe I’m a bit bitter (like my beer), but it sure feels like the bats that are usually on are most certainly not. Maybe the lineup has something to do with that......Just saying
  • Turambar is making some outlandish bastardized bacon burger, so the Crimson One has taken up the next leg of our journey. I’ve also taken his beer...Shhh. If only Arizona could steal something or take the same kind of control tonight...
  • Bottom of the 8th and here we sit with a pitching dual, leading us to a rather lackluster night for all of us. I’m hoping for a fight over a fly ball at this point.
  • Goldy gets a home run though and breathes some life back into the night. 2-4 bucks

Beer 4: Moon Juice Galactic IPA

  • This entire house smells like bacon, and there is the distinct promise of cheese in the future, maybe staying in has its merits.
  • Bacon wrapped burgers will indeed be a thing very soon indeed. We go in to the bottom of the 9th as those said burgers continue to cook. One last chance for our Dbacks, though in my case I got burgers to look forward to whereas our Dbacks got only a very slim chance of a W to seek out.
  • Well, call me Nostradamus, totally called that homer by Ahmed. By call I mean my app was faster than the radio. 3-4 Bucks and hope appears to be a thing....for now
  • Whelp, no win, but I still have bacon.....

Bells and whistles, by Jim

Click here for details, at
Taxi Driver: Nick Ahmed, +11.4%
The Last Godfather: A.J. Pollock, -16.5%
Saturn 3: Taijuan Walker, -14.3%

The 1,500 comments someone promised failed to materialize, with this one sputtering down to a near-flatline, well before the couple of late long balls made it somewhat interesting. Thanks to those who showed up, which would be: AzDbackfanInDc, BenSharp, Cumulus Choir, DORRITO, Gilbertsportsfan, GuruB, I suppose I'm a Pessimist, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Keegan Thompson, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, Oldenschoole, Renin, SongBird, aldma, asteroid, coldblueAZ, hotclaws, onedotfive, shoewizard and smartplays. Comment of the night to asteroid, chipping in from the airport.

It's the series finale tomorrow, so a win would give us the set by a 3-1 margin, which seems fine to me. Robbie Ray starts on Mother's Day, with a 1:10pm first pitch, Arizona time.