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Snake Pit Fantasy Gauntlet Week 5

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Washington Nationals
Goldy is 3rd overall now, climbing his way up the rankings. Expect to see a lot more pictures of him going forward
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What a week 5 that was. Some shuffling of the standings is happening, with some gaps getting closed, some leads widening, some teams crying “uncle” and some quietly improving. With that I give you the updated standings after week 5.

Week 5 Standings

Premiership 1-A 1-B
Premiership 1-A 1-B
Alabama Slammers 36-13-1 AK Ice Vipers 36-8-6 Going Going Gonzo 38-10-2
AZ SnakePit 30-15-5 Ace Tomato Company 36-10-4 Hazzardous Choices 32-17-1
Mizzoula Osprey 30-18-2 Teamname Vacant 30-19-1 Rally Time 26-15-9
Wango Fangdango 28-20-2 Atown dirty fries 28-20-2 Goldschmidt Happens 26-22-2
Waffles 27-20-3 Cornhuskers 24-22-4 We're the Millers 26-23-1
The Life of Carlos 27-20-3 E.V. Statpadders 25-23-2 Vair Force One 22-20-8
Angry Saguaro 25-22-3 Ladmo Baggers 23-23-4 YUNG 24-24-2
Towersbot 42.0 25-22-3 Sharp Sticks 21-24-5 Joe Buck Yourself 23-24-3
Sofa King Juiced 23-23-4 Steve's Superb Team 21-27-2 The Hungry Heroes 23-26-1
The Baseball Furies 23-26-1 Jake Lamb Chop Suey 21-27-2 Cursed to Mediocrity 20-27-3
Battle of the Bandas 22-25-3 Goldschmidt Happens 17-29-4 Perennial .500 20-29-1
Greinke to Victory 21-27-2 Scott's Okay Team 18-31-1 Dc Team 18-28-4
Disco Quest 17-30-3 Lamb Chops 15-33-2 Xerostomia's Team 17-29-4
Yasmany Mo B There 17-31-2 Blackadders 12-31-7 Pitchers Galore 13-34-3
MyWieterGetzLongoria 17-31-2
CGS 10-35-5

All the first place teams enjoyed some good weeks, while all the 2nd place teams had some fairly bad weeks and let the gaps with 1-3 get closed and mixed up. Jim and myself jumped from 3rd to 2nd in our respective leagues, whereas our first timer DC is getting the hang of things and is slowly working his way up the standings (I believe in you man!). Blackadders has called “uncle”, but if you’re within 10-15 games, you really aren’t out of it yet, not with another 4 months to go. All it takes is one bad week from a top 3 team, and a nice, sweep week from you and all of a sudden you’re closing the gap.

Most added players this week have been Justin Wilson, Derek Law, Yonder Alonso, and Aaron Altherr. Justin Wilson takes the place of the demoted Francisco Rodriguez (also known as K-Rod), Law has been tabbed for saves while closer Mark Melancon is out with an elbow injury; Yonder Alonso apparently has altered his approach at the plate and has been barreling up fly balls at a much higher clip than usual (most fantasy experts believe he can keep up at least some semblance of his current production). Altherr has just been hitting very well on a surprising Philly staff.

Most of the dropped players have been DL guys, I’m about || that close to making an executive decision to add on 2 more DL spots in Snake Pit 1-B, as well as upping the amount of moves allowed per week from 6 to 8 or 9. Too many guys are getting hurt enough that with the new shorter DL rules, teams are just sending them there instead of risking re-injury.

Instead of naming MVPs this week, im gonna name an LVP. That’s Least Valuable Player. Or in this case, organization. The New York Mets have completely managed to boggle my mind this season. Rushing back Yoenis Cespedes only for him to get hurt again, not starting Michael Conforto when he was clearly the best outfielder on the team, not forcing Noah Syndergaard to get an MRI even when he said he didn’t need one, and now this entire Matt Harvey situation (if you’re not familiar, go look it up on ESPN or Bleacher Report, its fascinating to see a train wreck in progress), the organization couldn’t get anything together if they tried. I decided to get a Matt Harvey share and I’m almost immediately regretting it. So here’s to you, the New York Mets. Way to go, you’re ruining all of your players one by one.