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Who predicted the 2017 Arizona Diamondbacks Opening Day roster?

Back at the end of January, we asked you to predict the men who would stand at Chase on Opening Day. Here are the results...

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I’d forgotten about this one, until I came across the form while writing up the Place Your Bets piece, but it’s still an interesting item, I think. If you’d forgotten, we broke the 40-man roster down into five blocks from near-certs to long-shots, plus the non-roster invitees. You had to pick two players from each group who would be on the Opening Day roster, getting more points, the more “uncertain” the block. Plus you got a wild-card choice of a player outside the group at that point. I’ve now finished up tallying the results for the 56 entrants. Let’s take a look at the various groups:

Group A: Dead-certs (1 point)

  • 8 on Opening Day roster
  • Most popular: Paul Goldschmidt (57 selections)
  • Least popular: Patrick Corbin, Chris Ianetta (0)
  • Bracket-buster: None

Group B: Probables (2 points)

  • 7 on Opening Day roster
  • Most popular: Brandon Drury (37)
  • Least popular: Jake Barrett (0)
  • Bracket-buster: None. Barrett was the only one not to make it, but nobody picked him!

Group C: Likely (3 points)

  • 4 on Opening Day roster
  • Most popular: Randall Delgado (34)
  • Least popular: Enrique Burgos, Socrates Brito, Zack Godley (3)
  • Bracket-buster: Phil Gosselin

Group D: Possibles (4 points)

  • 2 on Opening Day roster
  • Most popular: Archie Bradley (44)
  • Least popular: Steve Hathaway, Bradey Shipley (6)
  • Bracket-buster: Ketel Marte

Group E: Long-shots (5 points)

  • 0 on Opening Day roster
  • Most popular: Evan Marshall (37)
  • Least popular: Dawel Lugo (4)
  • Bracket-buster: Marshall

Group F: Non-roster invitees (6 points)

  • 1 on Opening Day roster
  • Most popular: Gregor Blanco (38)
  • Least popular: Erik Davis, Miller Diaz, Reymond Fuentes (0)
  • Bracket-buster: Blanco

Group G: Wild-card selection (8 points)

  • 3 on Opening Day roster: Jorge De La Rosa, Daniel Descalso + Tom Wilhemsen
  • Most popular: David Hernandez
  • A lot of people didn’t understand how this worked. You didn’t get to choose any of the people in the other categories. Zack Greinke, for instance, was not a valid selection. Nobody scored any points here though, so it probably didn’t matter!

This gives a total possible score of 50 points. And the winners are...

  1. Wayne Anstead - 23
  2. Conner Valocchi - 22
    Drew Sharpe
    Farrell Quinlan - 22
    ryeandi - 22
  3. Drew H - 20
    Jeremy Ulrich
    Brandon Geddings(MidnghtDrgn)
  4. Hurricane - 19
  5. Charlie R - 17
    Beth McLennan
  6. SirBradford - 16
    Ben Sharp
    Spencer O'Gara
    Jake Lieberman
    John R
    Robbie Ray
    Mark Johnston
    Nate Rowan
    Jesse Friedman
    Alec Tanton
    Craig from Az
    Joel Preston
    Michael Santel Jr.
    Dan B
    Joey millsap
    Dalton Feely
    Joseph Watts
    Aaron Nelson
    Drew Henderson
    Diamond Jim
  7. eel - 15
  8. Dback hopeful - 13
    Chad Beck
    Jordan C. Bozeat
  9. Noblevillain - 12
  10. Daniel Zuckerman - 9
    Eric Peterson

Congratulations to Wayne for a hard-fought victory. He lost ground by selecting Enrique Burgos out of Group C, but made up for that by nailing Bradley and Hazelbaker out of Group D to score maximum points there. He then correctly selected J.J. Hoover as one of the non-roster invitees in Group 5, giving him six points and snatching victory by a single point. A lot of people on 16 points, most commonly achieved by getting both choices on the roster from the first three groups, plus one of the Group D players.

Thanks to all who took part: we’ll do it again next spring training!