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Preview, #7: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Cleveland Indians

The Diamondbacks have the chance to go for a sweep of the American League defending champions at Chase Field this afternoon.

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

There weren't many sweeps at Chase Field last year. In fact, before mid-to-late September, when we did the deed over both the Rockies and Padres, the only time we even had the chance to sweep, going into the final game, was against the Yankees from May 16-17. We beat them 12-2 and 5-3 over the first two games, before blowing the sweep by dropping the series finale 4-2. Safe to say we're ahead of the curve there too. We've also won four games in a row at Chase, something else we didn't do until very late on - Sep 12-15, to be precise, covering the Colorado series and the first game that followed against Los Angles.

That also powered an offensive stretch which mirrored this one, Arizona scoring 45 runs over six games. We murdered the Rockies, piling up 34 runs against them - perhaps surprisingly, considering it wasn't at Coors Field, then beat LA 7-3 in the opening game, before managing only two runs in the pair of defeats which followed. The interesting thing is, there's usually ONE spell like this in a season, e.g. 2015, we scored 46 runs from August 9-15; 2014, we scored 44 from June 3-8; 2013, 46 runs from June 1-6. None of those helped us to a winning record. Let's hope it's not a case of Arizona simply getting this year's streak out of the way early...

The strong start, however, has not been mirrored in attendance at Chase Field, which is down almost four thousand per game compared to last year. Only the Dodgers, curiously, have a larger drop. The last two games against the Giants totaled less than 30,000 between them. There are some encouraging green shoots, the broadcast last night mentioning that they had four thousand walk-up ticket sales for the game. However, 28,437 for a bobblehead is still low. All four last year pulled in more than that, the most comparable (April 23) one getting 32,935, so roughly in line with the overall average drop mentioned.

No line-ups at this point, since Mrs. SnakePit and I are heading out this morning for a charity brunch. [Look, I get to eat, drink AND support a good cause? Where do I sign up?] So this is a pre-scheduled preview. I'll add the line-ups in the Gameday Thread, since we should be back in time for that.