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Arizona Diamondbacks: Your Twitter guide

Who should you be following?

As last year, I’ll be providing a weekly round-up of the best, worst or most amusing nuggets of 140-character goodness from the Twitter. But for this first edition, since we’re only three games in, I figured it might be useful to try and come up with a list of Twitter accounts worth following. What’s below is mostly based off those followed by the official SnakePit account, but I’m very open to suggestions for additions. So, if you’ve got any you think are worth a follow, let me know. Though, note: this is strictly baseball related. I had to unfollow one writer because their timeline degenerated into an unholy mess of politics. I watch baseball to escape that, thank you very much.

Anyway, here’s a list to start with, broken down into various groups. There’s no real order within each group.



I haven’t gone through and listed all the minor-league players who have Twitter accounts. Life’s too short, and trying to keep that even vaguely up-to-date would be a nightmare. But I just had to do a very sad “unfollow” of Stryker Trahan...



Players (current 40-man roster)

Players (former)


Other D-backs fans & sites

Random baseball goodness