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Diamondbacks 4, Giants 8

Corbin wasn’t stellar tonight, but he wasn’t awful either. He went four innings, seven hits, three earned runs, with two walks and only one strike out. Definitely not the best outing, but not the worst either. He got pulled in the bottom of the fourth in favor of pinch hitter Daniel Descalo.

He was replaced by Randell Delgado, who was bad, though he did have some help from an Owings fielding error. He wasn’t even able to finish the inning, but before he left, he gave up five hits, five runs, four of which were earned, a walk and a home run.

That pretty much was it for the team, though the offense didn’t roll over completely. They managed four runs on the night, including Goldschmidt and Lamb’s first home runs of the year. In the end, though, it wasn’t enough to over come the six run deficit that Delgado left them with. Full recap to follow shortly.