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Start of season Sporcle: Opening Day Diamondbacks

81 players have started on Opening Day for Arizona. How many can you remember?

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There have now been 20 Opening Days for the Diamondbacks so far, and I’m a little surprised we’ve used barely eighty players in those starting line-ups. It helps that we have seven different men who have appeared five or more times, but most of them (41) have been one and done - to date, at least.

Even though I thought including relief pitchers would constitute cruel and unusual punishment, this is still pretty tough. So I’ve included the initials of the players concerned as an extra hint. But you’ve only got 11 minutes, so this is as much a speed run as anything! As usual, the last names only will be needed, and you probably needn’t worry yourself too much about finding those pesky special characters for certain players! Curious to see who you forget about: liberal use of the spoiler tag in the comments is recommended...

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