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David Peralta on Intentional Talk

He’s been one of the powerhouses of the offense so far. And likely the only one to have worked in fast food!

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

David Peralta appeared on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk show earlier in the week. During his appearance, Peralta discussed the origin of his “Freight Train” nickname, working at McDonald’s while playing in independent baseball, and pulling pranks on his teammate Paul Goldschmidt. He seems to have a very strong attachment to his Jake Lamb bobblehead, judging by the way he’s holding it on-camera. Here’s the clip [sorry, Google AMP users - you’ll have to go through the SnakePit website if you want to see it. Blame Google!]

Peralta certainly seems to have benefited from the #ITMojo. His first game after appearing on the show, saw David reach base safely all five times he was up, for the second time in his career. He notched a pair of hits as well as tying a personal best with three walks.

Want some bonus Peralta video-y goodness? Oh, alright then: if you insist... With bus driver Welington Castillo no longer part of the Diamondbacks, David Peralta has a new way of celebrating success. Introducing the #DbacksDab!