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Snake Pit Fantasy Gauntlet Week 3

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers
Thames is #1. Will anyone catch up to his productivity?
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Fantasy Managers.

I had some birthday plans over the weekend so I wasn’t able to sit down and write out this until now. My apologies for the late post of this.

So with that, here’s the updated standings for the end of week 3

Week 3 Standings

Premiership 1-A 1-B
Premiership 1-A 1-B
Waffles 19-8-3 AK Ice Vipers 22-5-3 Going Going Gonzo 25-4-1
The Life of Carlos 20-9-1 Teamname Vacant 21-8-1 Rally Time 18-7-5
AZ SnakePit 18-8-4 Ace Tomato Company 19-8-3 PABLOPABLOPABLO 19-10-1
Alabama Slammers 19-11-0 Atown dirty fries 18-11-1 Hazzardous Choices 17-12-1
Mizzoula Osprey 19-11-0 Ladmo Baggers 16-13-1 We're the Millers 15-14-1
Towersbot 42.0 17-12-1 E.V. Statpadders 15-13-2 Vair Force One 13-12-5
Sofa King Juiced 16-12-2 Steve's Superb Team 14-14-2 Goldschmidt Happens 15-14-1
Wango Fangdango 15-15-0 Sharp Sticks 12-16-2 Dc Team 12-14-4
Greinke to Victory 13-15-2 Jake Lamb Chop Suey 12-16-2 Perennial .500 13-17-0
Disco Quest 12-17-1 Cornhuskers 11-15-4 Cursed to Mediocrity 11-16-3
CGS 9-16-5 Scott's Okay Team 11-19-0 The Hungry Heroes 11-18-1
Battle of the Bandas 11-18-1 Goldschmidt Happens 9-18-3 Joe Buck Yourself 11-19-0
MyWieterGetszLongoria 10-18-2 Lamb Chops 9-20-1 Pitchers Galore 9-20-1
The Baseball Furies 10-19-1 Blackadders 6-19-5 Xerostomia's Team 8-20-2
Angry Saguaro 10-19-1
Yasmany Mo B There 10-20-0

The tops of the leader boards are really starting to pull away from the bottom halves, and even this early on, we can see just how dominant some teams are going to be this year barring massive injuries (we’ll get to a couple later). 4 teams have broken 20 wins and another 8 are knocking on the door at 18 or 19 wins. If you can convince someone to part with a high profile player, you could be climbing up the leader boards. Also, there’s the slow starters starting to heat up (looking at you Goldschmidt), and some of the hotter guys will more than likely regress a bit. So don’t lose hope yet!

If you didn’t hop on the Eric Thames train it is by far too late for us, but there are still hidden gems to be found. Thames is leading MLB in home runs and is first overall in Yahoo Fantasy. But some hotter players you may still be able to grab are Bud Norris (he’s taken over for now as the closer for the Angels, and chasing saves is a staple of Fantasy Baseball), Jason Heyward (who’s new batting mechanics may help rebound from his dismal year last year), and Cody Bellinger, who just got called up and started today in LA’s win and has 1B eligibility and will soon have OF as well.

The most dropped guys are mostly all the hurt ones, Shelby Miller, MadBum, Joc Pederson, and Pablo Sandoval. But a pair of Mariners went down today, with King Felix and Mitch Haniger heading back for appointments. Felix has some dead arm/shoulder problems and Haniger was removed with an oblique issue. The Haniger injury is a major blow to teams (especially me, I own him in 2 of my 3 leagues across Yahoo), and he was a top 5 player before going down. Taylor Motter figures to see an increase in time that he was in line to lose with Segura’s return, and Danny Valencia saw time in the OF after Haniger left. This is the time where you take what you can get.

Since I had to wait to write the article, all of the player rankings are a bit out of wack and I can’t give you a true list of my MVPs for week 3, but for intents and purposes, Eric Thames is just the MVP of everything.

A guy I found who I don’t understand is over 5% owned is Zach Davies, Starting Pitcher for the Brewers. He pitched a shut out tonight but prior to tonight he had an ERA over 8 and a WHIP of almost 2. Starting pitching isn’t THAT thin, and if you’re reaching for Zach Davies, you might as well just punt Wins and focus on building on your RP core.

Week 3 is done and Week 4 is halfway over already, and I can feel that weight of “we still have 20 more weeks of this” and the dreaded “one of my best players went down” weight on my shoulders. Its a long, long trudge and we’ve got to avoid the urge to just stop caring. Baseball is a long one, but we’re all fans for a reason.