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Snake Bytes 4/25: We Will Take a Raincheck

Large test impending for the Diamondbacks this weekend vs. Colorado

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San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Zack Greinke (2-2, 2.93 ERA) followed up his dominant start in San Diego a week ago by going 6 innings with 11 K’s, 0 BB’s, 6 hits, and 1 ER. Last season he only surpassed 8 K’s once, and that did not come until June 2nd against the Houston Astros in which he also struck out 11. Not to discredit what he was able to accomplish last night, but he was getting some help behind the plate from Adrian Johnson. His fastball velocity recovered from his previous San Diego start as the FSNAZ broadcast had him hitting 92mph. Tonight’s 6:40 PM start has Clayton Richard (2-2, 3.04 ERA) squaring off against Patrick Corbin (1-3, 3.27 ERA). The Diamondbacks were able to tally 9 hits on April 20th against Richard, but only came away with 1 run against him that game whereas Corbin gave up 5 hits a 3 runs in the same contest.

Diamondbacks 7, Padres 6

[] Owings' slam backs Zack as D-backs nip SD - It is not my intent to focus on the negative. However, I want this team to continue to improve. There are still question marks regarding the infield defense and bullpen as this season progresses. Please understand that I am not trying to make these out as enormous issues. The game nearly got out of hand when Silvino Bracho came in relief for his first appearance this season in the 7th inning. He walked the first batter he faced. Chris Herrmann missed on a play at first the next batter that Goldy likely turns for a double play. Luis Sardinas then hits a sharp grounder to Chris Owings that I reluctantly accept squirting out from his glove. With the bases loaded, Owings and Drury have yet another opportunity at a double play only this time a low throw from Drury foils the out at first. In fairness, my opinion is that the replay review on that play was incorrect. Bracho then serves up a meatball to the Padres best player, Wil Myers, and suddenly we are left staring at a 7-5 ballgame. The 2017 Diamondbacks do not have time for that.

[Arizona Sports] No Goldy, no problem: Owings hits first grand slam in Goldschmidt’s slot - Allow me to change gears and focus on the positive. We have our first Chris Owingschmidt sighting of 2017! If I told you that Chris Owings would take Paul Goldschmidt’s spot in the lineup, and drive in more runs than Goldschmidt has in any game this season, you would probably laugh at me. That was exactly happened last night as Owings capped off a two out rally in the 5th with a grand slam to left center. Many people questioned the decision to select Owings to fill Goldschmidt’s spot, myself included, but it actually makes perfect sense. Lovullo spelled out clearly in spring training that he would try to keep the lineup as consistent as possible. He did not want the players coming in not having a clue where they would hit in the order. Chris Owings has moved around the field and order most frequently so far this season, other than Chris Herrmann, so he was the logical choice. Probably not as big of a deal as I make it, but allow me to toot Lovullo’s horn for seemingly making the correct decision.

[ESPN] Greinke fans 11, Owings hits grand slam in Arizona win - David Peralta had yet another 3 hit game, and got the team a running head start with his solo shot in the first. Over the last 8 contests, he is 17 for 31 with 4 doubles, 1 triple, 1 home run, and 3 runs batted in. It is safe to say the Freight Train is getting up to speed. The Diamondbacks have 41 runs batted in with two outs which is currently the most in the Senior Circuit. Fernando Rodney shot an arrow in to the Phoenix night sky for the 6th time in as many attempts.

Team News

[Arizona Sports] D-backs mull rotation options, Shelby Miller seeks second opinion on elbow - The news regarding Shelby Miller is not particularly good, and we should perhaps brace for impact later today. In my opinion, this would be nearly as crushing as when Daniel Hudson went down because of Shelby’s start this year, and his apparent change in mentality on the mound. Miller appeared to be returning to his All Star form ready to leave behind the shell of his 2016 season. The team stopped short of revealing the results of the first MRI, stating only that there was elbow inflammation. Arizona has plenty of options to fill in for Miller, and the performance of the rest of the rotation provides comfort that they should be able to shoulder the burden. #NextManUp.

[] Miller to receive second opinion on elbow

[AZ Central] Arizona Diamondbacks' play encouraging even if it is still April - The most exciting aspect of this year’s team that I have pointed out repeatedly is the positive psychology. A majority of the preseason “ifs” have turned into reality because each player is focusing on being the best version of himself. These are the intangibles that you cannot quantify with advanced metrics. Go ahead and sue me. (Please do not sue me).

“I want these guys to be able to color outside the lines a little bit, scribble when they want to, get creative when they want to,” Lovullo said. “But what I was going to do was give them the space to go out and perform without feeling like I was micromanaging them.”

[Venom Strikes] Peralta swinging the bat likes days of old - A few key differences this season compared to his breakout 2015 season. You have probably noticed by now I am a large fan of hard contact percentages. While his soft contact (18.2%) is up this season compared to his career average (15.5%), his hard contact (38.2%) is currently above his career mark (33.8%). That can be attributed to a nearly 7% drop in medium contact. His .377 BABIP is slightly above his 2015 mark of .368. He is hitting to the opposite side of the field more frequently than previously as well, 34.5% this year vs. 21.5% for his career as evident by his #dinger to LF last night. The numbers are slightly wonky due to the immaturity of the season, but it appears that Peralta is on track to at least match his 2015 output.

I’m just having a good time. We want to score as many runs as we can, and it’s fun to help in any way I can. Wherever pitch they give to me, I’ll take it. I go up there swinging the bat because if you think too much, then you can get into bad habits. That’s working for me.

Sounds like something a talking train would say.


[ESPN] Power Rankings: Tight race for No. 1 - The snakes move up 1 spot in this week’s ESPN rankings from #9 to #8. This is another pivotal week early in the season for the team as there are 3 games left in the redemption series against the respectable but rebuilding San Diego Padres, and unlikely best of the NL West clash with the Colorado Rockies team that is currently setting the world on fire. Arizona sits at #10 per USA Today, #9 in the Fanrag poll, #9 by Bleacher Report’s standards, and #7 in Sports Illustrated’s eyes.

[Bleacher Report] Biggest MLB Surprises, Disappointments at 2017 1-Month Mark - Mitch Haniger makes the list and his performance so far this season gives most Pit members heartburn. Luckily for us, the surprising hot start to the Diamondbacks’ season is just what the doctor ordered. I cannot help but wonder what this offense would be like with Jean Segura still in the lineup leading off.

[Sporting News] MLB needs harsher suspensions for pitches thrown at batters' heads - Should the MLB do something about fastballs uncorked at a player’s head? Can anything be done to prove intent? The players and coaches seem to hate the incident across the league, so why does it continue to happen? I feel that it would be rather difficult to prove a pitcher’s intent. Take the Taijuan Walker v. Buster Posey incident earlier in San Francisco. It was obvious that Tai did not intentionally target B-Pose. The Giants proceeded to peg Peralta that game and drill Goldy the following game. That was it. No benches clearing brawl. No shouting between dugouts. The teams policed themselves. I have a feeling the results would have been different had Chip Hale or Kirk Gibson still been the Skipper. It is what it is.

[CBS Sports] Pirates call up Dovydas Neverauskas, the first Lithuanian born player in MLB history - Baseball continues to find global success and bring cultures together. Something I warmly welcome. Yan Gomes was the first player born in Brazil to crack the bigs in 2012. I hope that Dovydas finds success in the MLB and inspires a generation of Lithuanians to follow in his footsteps.

[ESPN] 'Really bro, Pokemon?' Addison Russell is building baseball's most unusual autograph collection - The fact that most of today’s stars in the game are from my generation is hitting me like a bus. I personally admire his quest to “Catch Them All” and any expression of individuality honestly. My guess is that he asks Yasmany Tomas to sign Slowbro.

[FiveThirtyEight] ‘But It’s Tradition!’ Is No Reason To Ban Tie Games In MLB - No doubt that there had to be some concern as to how I would redeem myself in this edition of Snake Bytes. I would like to thank my kman5000 fan club for showing up 10 members strong on Sunday. I appreciate your continued support. Again, the MLB is not futbol, football, hockey or however you like to spell it. Ties do not belong in baseball. They have been eliminated for a reason. Here is a suggestion: How about after the 12th inning the vendors have to open up and start pouring beer again?


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