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Diamondbacks 7, Padres 6: Slams and Pens and Things

Zack Greinke had another good start, Chris Owings had a Grand Slam, and that helped mitigate a wobbly bullpen and the Diamondbacks won the first of four against San Diego

MLB: San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The last time that Zack Greinke and Jhoulys Chacin faced off was last week in San Diego, where the two only allowed a single run between them. This game was very different than that one. In conclusion, baseball games are a land of contrast. However it was a one-run win for the opposite team this time, so baseball games is a land of comparisons too.

</end bad high school report voice)

David Peralta hit an oppo boppo taco paco guapo chapo in the 1st inning to make it 1-0 Diamondbacks, ending 8.1 cumulative shutout innings from Chacin against the D-Backs.

Yasmany Tomas doubled the lead with a double (A double double, if you will) down the line in the 4th that scored Jake Lamb. In the bottom of the 5th, that lead tripled from the previous total when Chris Owings hit a Grand Slam on a first pitch fastball that was murdered until it was dead.

Should be noted that the bases became loaded all with two outs in that inning, which is a nice thing. The Diamondbacks kept the mojo working in their next time to bat, as Chris Hermann, making a rare spot start for Goldy, singled home a run to bring the total to 7.

Austin Hedges hit a sac-fly in the 6th for a Padre run, but it was the only run Greinke allowed that game. He went 6 innings with the one run, and struck out a season high 11 and walked none. That’ll do.

However, no Greinke meant some squiffiness. Silvino Bracho came in for his first appearance of the year, and a walk and a few balls that couldn’t be held on by infielders loaded the bases. They couldn’t turn the double play due to the speedy Manuel Margot running, and Wil Myers made the game more interesting with a three-run jack to make it 7-5.

The Diamondbacks had runners at second and third with nobody out the following frame, an excellent chance to get some of those runs back, but if I told you they didn’t get any runs then.. Well I just told you, that’s what happened thanks to the contact play and two strikeouts.

Of course that bites one in the ass-region because Jorge De La Rosa came in and served up a leadoff dinger to Austin Hedges to make the game 7-6, uncomfortably closer than you like, like the guy on the bus who sits right next to you despite the presence of many more empty seats then just starts rubbing his thighs for no reason.

No runs in the bottom of the 8th lead to a one-run save situation for Fernando Rodney. He got all three batters he faced out, and is now 6 for 6 in save situations. Hooray for things!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The fangraph chart seems to be stuck on the fourth inning. Assume Owings had the highest WPA and Bracho the lowest)