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Shelby Miller to the disabled list, Silvino Bracho called up

Unsurprising news this afternoon, with a short-term move for an extra bullpen arm until Miller’s next slot.

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Darin Wallentine/Getty Images

We’re still waiting for the results from Shelby Miller’s MRI exam, after he was pulled from the start yesterday at Chase Field with “right forearm tightness.” The team has opted to make their first disabled list move since Opening Day, as a result. Though it’s worth noting that with the new disabled list requiring only a 10-day stay, as opposed to the previous 15, this means that Miller need only miss a single start [the game on Friday against the Colorado Rockies] and could perhaps be re-activated in time for the first one in May. But that, of course, will all depend on the result of the medical evaluation: fingers crossed for that. In the meantime though:

This looks like a move to give an extra arm in the bullpen for the Padres’ series. If the team decides to go with Archie Bradley, Bracho will likely remain in the bullpen; if they decide to go with one of the other candidates, such as Zack Godley or Anthony Banda, Bracho can be optioned back down to Reno. Steve Gilbert just called Archie Bradley the “natural fit” as a replacement, though says Bradley “hasn't heard anything yet.” I’m sure the team probably has made its decision, and quite possibly informed the player in question yet, but no reason to go public with it until necessary. Bracho played 26 times last year, but had a rough 7.30 ERA, with a 17:10 K:BB in 24.2 innings.

It’s the first 25-man move of the season for the D-backs, which is a big improvement over last season - we’d made a total of seven moves before this point in 2016, including Bracho being sent down to the minors twice. Here’s what we’d gone through in 2016 by the day of Game 20 (Apr 24):

  • Apr 5: Bracho down, Kyle Drabek up
  • Apr 8: Drabek DFA, Matt Buschmann up
  • Apr 17: Buschmann and Jake Barrett down, Evan Marshall and Archie Bradley up
  • Apr 18: Socrates Brito down, Tyler Wagner up
  • Apr 19: Bradley down, Bracho up
  • April 23: Bracho down, Enrique Burgos up