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Snake Bytes 4/23: Brooms on Sale

The joke is on Jim. My Pit security badge does not work on Monday’s.

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Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Do not mind me today. I will just be over here #SWEEPING my house. Oh, what is that you say? We have now won 2 of the first 3 this series against the Dodgers and 4 in a row against them? After scoring a whopping 1 run against the Padres in 18 innings, the Diamondbacks reclaimed their scorching hot bats upon returning to Chase Field managing to score 24(!) runs against the Dodgers in the first two games of the series. Today’s series finale features Shelby Miller (2-1, 3.50 ERA) against former D’back Brandon McCarthy (2-0, 2.12 ERA). Shelby Miller is arguably the epitome of the Diamondbacks’ still early 2017 season. His previous start against San Diego demonstrated the type of pitcher the former regime was hoping to receive. His newfound focus and positive mental attitude appears to be driving better results not to mention his increase in velocity. I almost could not believe my eyes when the Petco Park radar gun had him hitting 98mph in the 8th inning. That is essentially the narrative of this team so far. Good vibes all around and good results will follow. The Padres will follow the Dodgers into town for a 4 game redemption series.

Diamondbacks 11, Dodgers 5

[] Tomas homers twice as D-backs top Dodgers - Tomas has a much improved approach at the plate, and it is paying dividends thus far. I was more impressed by the patience he displayed during the bases loaded walk than both of his home runs. I am not surprised by him hitting towering blasts. I am surprised by seeing him slow down all of his moving parts at the plate and selecting better pitches to swing at. He is finding his stride as a major league batter as he now leads the majors in multi home run games since 2016.

[] Peralta sets club record with 4 doubles - The feat that almost did not happen. David Peralta became the first National League batter, and the first D’back ever, to hit 4 doubles in a single game since Jeff Baker with the Rockies in 2008. His first double was the result of a narrowly missed home run off of the CF wall.

"To be honest, no, I swear I didn't know about that," said Peralta, the left-handed hitter who was 4-for-5 with three runs scored. "It's just the way I play. I like to play hard for my team and myself. I mean, I saw the ground ball and I thought I had a pretty good chance to make it to second and be in scoring position for [Paul Goldschmidt]."

Freight Train gonna Freight Train. It is the same style of play that fans have come to love during his time in Arizona. For better or for worse, he only knows how to play the game 150%.

[Arizona Sports] Sedona Red Recap: D-backs offense remains electric in win over Dodgers - Stop me if you have heard anyone say this before. It was a rough start to the game for Robbie Ray. His pitch count was elevated in the early innings. Ray surrendered a leadoff dinger to Enrique Hernandez. I am going to advocate that we should change our expectations of him if you have not done so already. Honestly, I am pretty much content with his start last night. If in the 6th inning Chris Owings plants and throws to first to get out Adrian “Usain Bolt” Gonzalez, instead of looking at third for the force, Robbie Ray only has 3 earned runs surrendered on the night. Just some friendly advice from a guy that has never played a major league inning in his life.

[AZcentral] Finally: It's home sweet home for Arizona Diamondbacks - Last night had a much different feel to it for a game at home against the Dodgers. No, there were still plenty of Dodger fans at the game. Yes, they were obnoxious as they unfurled an enormous “LA” flag over the right field bleachers. I took my father to the game who was hesitant because he feels like paying to go watch the Dodgers is a waste of money. For the past few seasons, he has been absolutely right. However, for both of us and the roughly 25,000 D’backs fans in attendance (yes, the attendance was 36,294 so read between the lines) we left the ballpark last night with a much different sentiment. The #BeatLA chants were louder and lasted longer. The Dodger fans were more willing to strike up friendly conversation as opposed to laughing in our faces. It is the result of an attitude and culture change that has trickled from the coaching staff and players down to the fans and has lead to an 8-1 start at home the best since 2008. I do not dread going to the ballpark to sit and be cynical for 3 hours. I embrace being behind early in the game because there is a strong chance I will witness a come from behind victory.

“It was tough,” Lamb said. “You want to play well in front of your home fans. When you keep losing at home people don’t want to come to games. I mean, I wouldn’t want to come to a game where you’re always losing at home. We’re playing good baseball right now and hopefully it will continue.”

[ESPN] Tomas, Peralta power Diamondbacks past Dodgers 11-5 - Allow me to throw some shade on Brandon McCarthy who owns a minority share in the Phoenix Rising FC. Surely we have someone here who can pull some strings and have today’s game time moved to 4:30 PM? Apparently, it is some big deal because there is a player owner involved? I thought David Beckham retired? Are we not in baseball season?!?! Over 23 career games at Chase Field, the former D’back is 3-11 with a 4.31 ERA, and a 1.244 WHIP. We shall welcome him back warmly.

Team News

[Arizona Sports] When will the D-backs’ Paul Goldschmidt get his first day off? - I said this multiple times last night and a few times on this site. When Paul Goldschmidt transforms into Pauly G, this team should be a nearly unstoppable offensive force. It is comforting to me to know that we are playing so well despite his early struggles. Paul is still sporting a 121 WRC+, .405 OBP, .164 ISO on the heels of a .306 BABIP per Fangraphs. Paul’s current hard hit rate is 49% while his soft hit rate is at 9.8% which would suggest that his results are rather unlucky at this time. It would be wise for Lovullo to get the All Star a day off here shortly. I wonder if Paul throws a fit about days off like I do when I do not get beer fast enough at Chase Field?

[Cut4] Paul Goldschmidt met the Little Leaguer who hit the first home run at Paul Goldschmidt Field - This brought a smile to my face last night. I have been smiling a lot this season. I absolutely love this program and anything that promotes baseball at the youth level.

"That's pretty cool," Goldschmidt said when asked what it felt like to meet the kid who hit the initial homer at his own field. "The best part of it is knowing that these kids are going out there and using the field, having a good time. That's pretty neat."

[Venom Strikes] Arizona Diamondbacks: Lack of defensive execution compromises early success - There is always room for improvement. This was written before the Chris Owings mental mistake mentioned above. A few of the blunders discussed in the piece have arguably been the cause of a few losses this season. The team still has work to do in regards to fielding. Added emphasis on this area might take this team to an entirely different level.

[AZcentral] More detailed scouting reports help Diamondbacks pitchers - You mean to tell me that Shelby Miller will perform better if his scouting report does not include information on how to spay or neuter a house pet? Dan Haren has been assisting from his couch in California to tailor scouting reports towards our pitching staffs’ strengths rather than opposing hitters’ weaknesses. The talent and raw ability is there. It always has been. You have to have better mental preparation than your opponent, and the Haren hiring appears to be paying off.

“I know it’s had a strong impact on this organization,” Lovullo said. “It just gives you a certain comfort to know the opposition a little bit more and a little bit better. I think that’s really what we try to do in this game. You try to understand what you’re going up against every single day and if you’ve got a good feel for that you’re going to enhance your ability to perform at peak performance … We have a team of people that are breaking it down from a pretty impressive feel both subjectively and objectively.”


[ESPN] Vote: Who is the most clutch hitter in the game? - Easy. David Ortiz. I would take him out of retirement in a clutch situation any day. Currently I would have to vote for Nolan Arenado. What say you?

[LA Times] Three up, three down: A look at what's trending in the MLB - I would love nothing more than a season long slugfest between the Rockies and the Diamondbacks. Battle of the humidors. Give both teams serviceable pitching and their offense will power them past nearly any team. While I do not welcome injury to any player or team, it would be a delight to see the Dodgers and Giants play bottom feeder in the division. I also think Eric Thames is my kindred spirit.

Thames, 30, is batting .379 with eight home runs — the most in the majors — in his first 16 games for the Brewers. Turns out the Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays also pursued him last winter. “Milwaukee has great beer,” he told USA Today. “I love beer.”

One day I will make it to Milwaukee to throw down some beer brats with the best in the business.

[CBS Sports] Keri the 10: Legalize PEDs, Baby Bombers are fun and more MLB observations - You all think my opinions are awful and misinformed? We should invite Jonah Keri to answer Jim’s Fanpost Friday. It will divert the current attention away from me. I had to read this multiple times. At first, I gave the author the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he has the same awful sense of humor that I do. It appears he is dead serious.

[USA Today] Someone is selling MLB's original 1876 constitution, and it's expected to fetch millions - I hear that in the original National League Constitution from 1876 there is a 2nd amendment that reads as follows, “A well regulated game, being necessary to the success of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the right of the team to keep and bear Yasmany Tomas as designated hitter, shall not be infringed.” I have roughly 1 month to acquire $5 million, purchase the original constitution at auction, and ruin National League baseball for all of you. You can thank me later.

If you have learned anything by reading my opinions over the last month or so, I am not afraid to throw something out there which makes quite a few gasp and question how I even got this post. My desire to add the DH to the NL is not particularly Earth shattering if you ask me. I love the traditions and nuances of the Senior Circuit game as much as all of you. However, I love watching the Diamondbacks win more than anything. Adding the DH would have a significant impact on the team’s performance as the roster is currently constructed. There was one play in particular during my 2nd inning temper tantrum on my quest for beer where Austin Barnes hit a double to Tomas which I cannot find the video on unfortunately. It was painful to watch. I will agree at this point in the season that Tomas may very well be one of the best hitters in the lineup. If the DH were to be added to the NL, he is the obvious choice, Drury slides over to LF, Owings to 2B, and Nick Ahmed wins a Gold Glove at SS. Significantly improved infield defense follows and we are left with a push or perhaps marginally better LF defense.


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