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Pit Your Wits: Week 4

Who will take the podium this week?

A-League Media Opportunity Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Before we get into the fun stuff, we have to have some not so fun housekeeping. This is supposed to be a fun, friendly, joke article every week that we can kind of all bond around, even when the team isn’t doing so hot. It really isn’t the place to debate anything, unless it’s the validity of Nacho Slides as response (kids, if you’re too young to get that joke, ask an older poster). It is definitely not the place to put people down, belittle their opinions, or question their fandom.

I say all this because a lot of this sort of stuff happened in Pit Your Wits last week. I removed the comments in question, and we all moved on. HOWEVER, if anything like this happens again, the comments will again be deleted, and I will be forced to discuss further measures with Jim. Please don’t make me do that.

Anyway, let’s forget this happened and move on to the fun stuff, shall we?

This week was a yuuuuuuuge week for rec’s! Three Sedona red comments are left out in the cold this week, and two made it to double digits! In first place, with an astounding 12 rec’s, is DbacKid!

TI (Tomas Index)

This fielding metric measures route efficiency in a scale that goes up to 100. Tomas is fixed in at 0, and league average is always at 50. If a player is less than 0 (i.e. Peter Obrien), then it means that he should be DFA’d immediately. If a player is below -100, he should be given the Christopher Colombus award, for taking new routes and discovering unexplored land.

When you try to be like the cool kids, you end up with a Yasmany Tomas.

Posted by DbacKid on Apr 15, 2017 | 12:53 PM reply rec (12) flag

In second place with an impressive ten recs is DC!


Fans drinks per inning while watching at home on tv


Posted by AzDbackfanInDc on Apr 15, 2017 | 5:34 PM reply rec (10) flag

And rounding out the podium with seven rec’s that would have taken first any other week, Diamondhacks!

Might be cool

to get a count of how many fans actually bother to attend each game.

Call it, I dunno, "attendance"

This is just the beginning

Posted by Diamondhacks on Apr 15, 2017 | 1:41 PM reply rec (7) flag

And now for the drastically altered standings!


Wow, talk about changing things up. DbacKid jumps to a big lead, Hacks jumps to second, and with his first podium finish of the season, DC slides into third! But keep posting and keep rec’ing. As this week shows, one week can really shake things up!

For this week’s post... Um... Uh...

/scrolls through Getty and USA Today pics for a caption contest


/looks at old PYW’s

Ehhhh, not feeling it

/rereads tonight’s GDT

Ah, here we go!

This weekend, the Diamondbacks are doing a giveaway of a Dbacks Sunshade for your car. Really cool, and perfect for our little corner of the world! What other great ideas for a giveaway can you think of? Go!