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Snake Pit Fantasy Gauntlet - Draft Results

The drafts are done, lineups are set. Who will be victorious?

Goldy was a top 6 pick. Can he be that Fantasy Darling this season?
Goldy was a top 6 pick. Can he be that Fantasy Darling this season?
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back everyone. It's now Opening Day, and the games actually count. All 3 leagues have their drafts done, lineups are set, and everyone is anxiously hoping that their players are the ones to prevail. Let's start with a recap of the drafts, with a look at how the First Round shook out.


Snake Pit 1-A

Snake Pit 1-B



Trout-E.V. Statpadders

Trout-DC Team


Kershaw-Wango Fangdango

Betts-Alex Melton's Team

Betts-Rally Time


Betts-Sofa King Juiced

Kershaw-Sharp Sticks

Bryant-Vair Force One


Bryant-Angry Saguaro

Bryant-David's Team



Altuve-Alabama Slammers

Goldschmidt-Jake Lamb Chop Suey

Harper-Going Going Gonzo


Goldschmidt-AZ SnakePit

Arenado- Ladmo Baggers

Goldschmidt-We're the Millers


Arenado-Towersbot 42.0

Harper-Teamname Vacant

Altuve-Perennial .500


Harper-Mizzoula Osprey

Altuve-Steve's Superb Team

Arenado-Joe Buck Yourself




Machado-Xerostomia's Team


Donaldson-Yasmany Mo B There

Machado-Ace Tomato Company

Rizzo-Hazzardous Choices


Rizzo-Disco Quest

Rizzo-AK Ice Vipers



M. Cabrera-The Baseball Furies


Donaldson-Cursed to Mediocrity


Correa-Greinke to Victory

M. Cabrera-Lamb Chops

T. Turner-Goldschmidt Happens



Bumgarner-Scott's Okay Team

Darvish-Hungry Heroes


Scherzer-The Life of Carlos

Correa-Scott's Okay Team

Bumgarner-Hungry Heroes


T. Turner-Battle of the Bandas

Syndergaard-Lamb Chops

Syndergaard-Goldschmidt Happens

As everyone can see, no first round was the same. Which I personally think is so great about Fantasy sports; every draft is different. Everyone has different favorites, some managers value one position or category or specific player over the other (I personally have a vendetta against Ryan Braun and most Dodgers), and some people let AutoDraft do the work for them. No real surprise here as Mike Trout went 1st Overall in every league. After that, the 2nd - 4th picks were all the same 3 players, just in 3 different orders. Goldy went 5th in league 1-A and 6th in the Premiership and league 1-B, while the back half of the drafts held some interesting choices. Due to the two "Feeder" (Jim's words not mine) divisions only having 14 members where the Premiership having 16, the 15th and 16th picks in Leagues 1-A and 1-B were really the beginning of round 2. But I included them for easier table reading. Some of the more interesting and surprising choices in the 1st Round involved Blackadders taking Charlie Blackmon, Miguel Cabrera falling out of the 1st entirely in league 1-B, Trea Turner falling out of the 1st in 1-A, and Yu Darvish going at the tail end of the 1st in 1-B.

Other Diamondbacks to be drafted by all 3 leagues are the projected everyday starters for the 2017 season. AJ Pollock, Jake Lamb, Brandon Drury, Chris Owings, Yasmany Tomas, David Peralta, Zack Greinke, Taijuan Walker, Robbie Ray, and Patrick Corbin. All of these Diamondbacks were drafted in all 3 Leagues. I personally snagged four of them; the fourth being Shelby Miller. Which was entirely on accident, I was looking at an update for him and my 2nd to last pick came up and instead of drafting from my queue, I took Shelby. Not my proudest moment in fantasy sports. The manager with the most Diamondbacks across all 3 leagues goes to AZ Team AKA gametime111 here on the Pit. And there was much rejoicing.

Some former Diamondbacks got some love in the draft, too. Jean Segura, Dansby Swanson, Ender Inciarte, Wellington Castillo, and Brad Ziegler all found themselves drafted in every league. Segura is a top 5 middle infielder going into the season, whereas Swanson and Castillo are expected to be serviceable in fantasy in at least a couple categories a piece. Ziegler could be in line for Saves in Miami if things go his way, which makes him an upside pick late in the draft. Believe it or not, AZDbackFaninDC did NOT get a chance to get his main love; Gerado Parra. Parra was Mr. Irrelevant to The Hungry Heroes in our league of which AZDbackFaninDC is a member. Maybe he'll get a hold of Parra at some point; there will be an update if he does.

I've rambled on a bit more than I had originally planned to, so I'll wrap it up here, and next week I'll have the standing for all 3 leagues, my arbitrary Batter and Pitcher MVP's for Week 1, and some risers and fallers and 1 "Oh My God This Player is Owned in More Than 5% of Leagues?!" Pick of the Week. Until then, good luck to everyone and remember, THIS TIME IT COUNTS.