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Snake Pit Fantasy Gauntlet Week 2 In Review

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks
Lamb is currently the highest ranked Dback in Fantasy.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 is now in the books, certain statistics are starting to stabilize, other players are visiting the 10 Day DL, and some are finding themselves at the center of attention for the first time. This week wasn’t so kind to the Diamondbacks, as they went 3-4, losing 2 of 3 to the Giants and splitting a 4 game series at Chavez Ravine with the Dodgers. Fantasy started to even out a little, but there were still some surprising names, a couple of which you’ll see later in my MVP section.

Week 2 Fantasy Standings

Premiership 1-A 1-B
Premiership 1-A 1-B
The Life of Carlos 15-4-1 Atown dirty fries 14-5-1 Going Going Gonzo 16-3-1
Mizzoula Osprey 14-6-0 Ace Tomato Company 13-4-3 Rally Time 10-5-5
AZ SnakePit 13-6-1 Teamname Vacant 14-6-0 Goldschmidt Happens 12-7-1
Waffles 12-6-2 . AK Ice Vipers 12-5-3 SKYWACHA 12-7-1
Wango Fangdango 13-7-0 Steve's Superb Team 12-7-1 Hazzardous Choices 12-8-0
Greinke to Victory 11-8-1 Ladmo Baggers 11-9-0 Vair Force One 9-7-4
Alabama Slammers 11-9-0 Goldschmidt Happens 9-8-3 Cursed to Mediocrity 9-8-3
Towersbot 42.0 10-9-1 E.V. Statpadders 8-10-2 We're the Millers 8-11-1
Sofa King Juiced 8-10-2 Cornhuskers 7-10-3 Pitchers Galore 8-11-1
Battle of the Bandas 8-11-1 Scott's Okay Team 8-12-0 Dc Team 7-10-3
Angry Saguaro 8-11-1 Jake Lamb Chop Suey 7-12-1 The Hungry Heroes 8-11-1
CGS 7-11-2 Lamb Chops 7-12-1 Perennial .500 8-12-0
MyWieterGetzLongoria 7-11-2 Sharp Sticks 4-14-2 Joe Buck Yourself 6-14-0
Yasmany Mo B There 8-12-0 Blackadders 2-14-4 Xerostomia's Team 4-15-1
Disco Quest 4-15-1
The Baseball Furies 3-16-1

Almost half the league is now at double digit wins, with 19 teams out of the entire 44 crossing the threshold. Every team now has at least 2 wins, but Blackadders is going to need some savvy wheeling and dealing to make up some ground. But all is not lost yet, there is still plenty of time to climb up the rankings ladder. As always, keep an eye on the waiver wire, stare at struggling closer to see if they blink, and watch those veterans who might be a bit more fragile than previously thought.

Easily the hottest player on the market is Matt Bush. After Sam Dyson doing his best Heath Bell Experience impression, Jeff Banister has inserted Bush into the closer role. He’s likely long gone by now in all our leagues, but if you think he can handle it and wanna swing a trade, go for it. The coldest player to drop (besides Starling Marte, who just hours ago got suspended 80 games for PEDs) are a bunch of hurt players; Sam Dyson (who after losing his closing job went on the DL, likely 2016-Shelby-Miller style), Kendall Graveman, J.A. Happ, and Marcus Semien. At this point most managers have cut or shifted or just benched the under-performers, and in non-dynasty/keeper leagues, keeping hold of players who are going to miss 2-3 months usually isn’t worth it unless its a Superstar player. Another cold hand getting dropped is one of last week’s hot hands in Yangervis Solarte. Such is the perils of fantasy baseball, guys are hot one week, cold the next and then unceremoniously kicked to the curb. Solarte has 2nd and 3rd eligibility though, and 2nd base is being fickle and shallow in the depth department, so he should be more of a hold and bench than a cut.

One guy to keep an eye on is Trevor Rosenthal. He’s only gotten 3 or so appearances, but he’s looking good, touching 100 mph with his fastball and getting strikeouts. If The Final Boss (Seung Hwan Oh) struggles, there could be a change in the back end for the Cardinals, and Rosenthal could get his old job back.

This week’s MVPs are Ervin Santana at SP, Craig Kimbrel at RP, and Eric Thames at Batter. Thames is 1st overall currently and has hit 6 home runs in the last 5 games. Obviously that’s not sustainable in the slightest, but he now has 1st base eligibility which makes him more valuable. Santana turned in a one-hitter complete game shut out in his only start of the week with 8 strikeouts, and his lower WHIP causes him to just edge out James Paxton and his 8 inning shutout with 9 strikeouts. Both of them are close, but Santana and the complete game get the call. Kimbrel was just lights out this week, going 4 for 4 in saves and getting 7 strikeouts. That’s the kind of guy you want at the back end of the bullpen.

My “Why Is This Guy More Than 5% Owned?!” of the week goes to Jason Hammel, SP for the Royals. After turning in quite a year for the Cubs in 2016, he signed late in the off season with Kansas City and has turned out an 6+ ERA over his first 2 starts, has a WHIP near 2, and has 6 Ks in 9.2 innings over 2 starts. Cut your losses and move on.

Week 2 is in the books and things are chugging along. Strap yourselves in folks, this season is going to be a long one. Just keep an eye on your team, the waiver wire, and don’t be afraid to suggest trades. You never know who might be willing to make a deal. Just, make sure that you don’t get any whammies!