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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

Welcome back, my friends, to the 140-character show that never ends...

@Jody_Jackson, via Twitter

Tweet of the week

Note: This is a minor-league player who hit three home-runs in one game... and his team still lost in extra innings. #Respect

Honorable mentions

Renaming University of Phoenix Stadium

With the news that the Cardinals’ field is losing its sponsor, we asked the Twitterverse to suggest alternatives for UoP Stadium. You didn’t disappoint. Here are the best three.

The games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamondbacks 7, Indians 3
Diamondbacks 11, Indians 2
Diamondbacks 3, Indians 2
Diamondbacks 1, Giants 4
Diamondbacks 4, Giants 3
Diamondbacks 2, Giants 6