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MLB Unveils 2017 Holiday/All Star Uniforms

The annual parade of different colored hats has arrived!

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks
Blast from the past
Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

For awhile now, Major League Baseball has had special uniforms for various Holidays that come around in the calendar during the season, as well as special All-Star uniforms and hats. Well, the day that those are unveiled has come and here are the Diamondbacks for this year:

And here they are

What’s noticeable is that all of these seem to be meant for multiple games now (Note the dates and the fact that Independence Day has Home and Away variants)

The hats are the usual array of “Things that look like those off-colored hats with the team logos you see at the Lids store at the mall.”, just more official looking.

I’ll save aesthetic editorializing for you guys in the comments, but really don’t say you weren’t warned when Mother’s Day comes around.

You can see the uniforms for the rest of the league here