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Snake Pit Fantasy Gauntlet Week 1

Week 1 is in the books. Let’s check in on the leagues

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Arizona Diamondbacks
Paul Goldschmidt, currently ranked 1st overall in Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, managers. Week 1 and its awkward scheduling is done and in the books. The Diamondbacks finished Week 1 an astonishing 6-1, winning 3 of 4 from the Giants and pulling out their brooms to sweep the reigning American League Champion Cleveland Indians back from whence they came. The fantasy baseball landscape was just as crazy, with names barely anyone has heard of (or owned) wheeling and dealing on the mound, as well as some surprises at the plate. We first take a look at the current standings from the 3 Leagues of Snake Pit.

Week 1 Fantasy Standings

Premiership 1-A 1-B
Premiership 1-A 1-B
Greinke to Victory: 9-0-1 Goldschmidt Happens: 7-1-2 Going Going Gonzo: 9-1-0
AZ SnakePit: 8-2-0 Teamname Vacant: 7-3-0 THELIFEOFPABLO: 8-1-1
The Life of Carlos: 7-2-1 Ace Tomato Company: 6-3-1 Goldschmidt Happens: 6-3-1
Mizzoula Osprey: 7-3-0 Cornhuskers: 6-3-1 Hazzardous Choices: 6-4-0
Yasmany Mo B There: 7-3-0 Atown dirty fries: 6-4-0 Rally Time: 4-2-4
Wango Fangdango: 6-4-0 AK Ice Vipers: 5-4-1 The Hungry Heroes: 6-4-0
MyWeiterGetzLongoria: 5-4-1 Scott’s Okay Team: 5-5-0 Dc Team: 4-4-2
CGS: 4-4-2 Steve’s Superb Team: 5-5-0 Cursed To Mediocrity: 4-4-2
Waffles: 4-4-2 Lamb Chops: 4-5-1 Pitchers Galore: 4-6-0
Sofa King Juiced: 4-5-1 The Ladmo Baggers: 4-6-0 Perennial .500: 4-6-0
Angry Saguaro: 4-6-0 Sharp Sticks: 3-6-1 Vair Force One: 2-4-4
Battle of The Bandas: 3-7-0 E.V. Statpadders: 3-6-1 We’re the Millers: 3-6-1
Towersbot 42.0: 3-7-0 Jake Lamb Chop Suey: 3-7-0 Xerostomia’s Team: 1-8-1
Disco Quest: 2-7-1 Blackadders: 1-7-2 Joe Buck Yourself: 1-9-0
Alabama Slammers: 2-8-0
The Baseball Furies: 0-9-1
Week 1 Standings - Snake Pit Fantasy

Only 4 teams across all leagues managed to win more than 7 categories, while only 1 team failed to win a category. But remember folks, that was only the first week. There is plenty of time for comebacks, as the Diamondbacks can attest to. The top half of each league is within about 4 games apart, so there’s still time, watch that waiver wire, keep an eye on relievers doing well, and keep up to date on depth charts. You never know who you may find out there.

Speaking of players out there, let’s take a look at a couple risers and fallers. Yahoo only lets me look at who has been added and dropped the most in the last couple of days, but that should still be a good indicator of who’s riding high and who’s fallen out of favor. Some of the most dropped players have been Jeanmar Gomez (who just today lost his closing job to Joaquin Benoit, more on him soon), Byron Buxton, Francisco Liriano, Greg Bird and Matt Shoemaker. Shoemaker has gotten destroyed, with a 2016-Shelby-Miller-esque 7.71 ERA, giving up 7 runs (6 earned) over 4.1 to Seattle on Sunday. Not what you want out of one of your starters. Liriano was completely and utterly devastated with a 135 ERA (yes, one hundred and thirty five) after going only a third of an inning in his 2017 debut. Buxton is still refusing to stop swinging at every pitch he sees and could be seeing a demotion to AAA, while Bird, after leading the Grapefruit League in home runs, has stumbled out of the gate in the Bronx, fouled a ball of his ankle and caught some sort of cold, going 1/16 at the plate in his first week of action. I’m not ready to cut him from my team just yet, but he might not be a player worth using up an add/drop just yet. He looks like he might need some prove it games first.

The most added players over the last couple of days have been Joaquin Benoit, Sandy Leon, Drury, Owings, and Yangervis Solarte. Benoit because he’s been named the new closer in Philadelphia and managers need to chase saves where they can, Leon has continued from where he left off in 2016 and has hit over .400 while being the regular started at Fenway. Obviously a .400 AVG is unsustainable, but his defensive prowess behind the plate will keep him in the lineup, and having an everyday starting catcher in fantasy is very important no matter how little he hits. We’ve all seen what Drury and Owings have done, and Owings is even more valuable because of how often he gets the green light on the base path, and hitting 2nd in front of Goldy against lefties helps his value, too. Solarte has been doing well so far, to the tune of .370 with a couple of homers, and he’s hitting 3rd or 4th and starting every day, qualifying at 2nd and 3rd base, and playing a lot of games at Coors and Chase (which will continue to be a boon until the Humidor comes into play). Our league already has these guys snapped up, if your league has them available, snag them.

The MVPs of the week are: Batter - Paul Goldschmidt, SP - Noah Syndergaard, and RP - Greg Holland. Syndergaard has looked absolutely dominant and looking back on drafts should’ve most definitely gone in the top 12. Holland has grabbed hold of that Rockies closing job and run away with it, perfect 4/4 in saves with 6 Ks. I don’t foresee a changing of the guard in the Mile High City anytime soon.

My “Why Is This Guy More Than 5% Owned?!” of the week goes to Jurickson Profar. I was so high on him going into the season, and his super utility availability would make him even more valuable. But so far he’s just the very poor man’s Marwin Gonzalez. Profar has only 2 starts, both out of the 9 spot on an AL team, and hasn’t hit a lick. He’s been platooning with Ryan Rua and Delino DeShields Jr in Left Field, and hasn’t seen any time at 3rd even with Adrian Beltre out. Nomar Mazara and Carlos Gomez are the much better options in that OF, but both are probably gone in our deep leagues. If you play other leagues like me and either of those OFers are out there, I’d go grab them.

So that’s Week 1! Hopefully you’re feeling good if you’re in the top half of the league, or aren’t feeling too discouraged if you’re in the bottom half. It was only the first week, Small Sample Size applies to all of this. ERA’s will drop, BABIP’s will normalize and who knows, maybe your guys just got a little unlucky. It’s why we play the game every day. I’ll be back same time, same channel next week, so stay tuned!