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Pit Your Wits ‘17: Week 1

In the beginning was the prompt...

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Kentucky vs North Carolina Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back! After an offseason of restless slumber the beast that is everyone's favorite variety article* returns. I've seen a lot of new posters floating around so let's go over just what exactly is going on here.

*favorite status not guaranteed

You’ve stumbled upon a correspondence game show, so to speak. I give you some sort of prompt, like a picture to caption or Photoshop, a rift off some piece of Dbacks or MLB news in the week or something like that. Every week, give or take, I give you a new article that starts off with the winners from the week before, the updated scoreboard, be a new prompt, be the cycle continues.

Now, I mentioned winners and scoring. All of that is determined by you, the reader. You are going to be making comments below with your responses, and then you go ahead and use the rec button to vote for the ones you like. The three comments that get the most votes are the winners for the week. Making your votes even more important, though, each rec equals one point. So if you come in first place with five recs, you get five points added to your section total. About the All Star Break, I’ll crown a first section champion and reset the scoreboard. At the end of the season, I’ll crown a second section champ, and those will face off in a final, winner take all round to claim the overall trophy. Sounds easy right? Well, let's find out...

To start the year off, here is your prompt. A lot of times, books and movies will take one or two sentence bits of reviews to make their stuff sound better. Example:

“Pit Your Wits is awesome. 17 is the best year yet! ISH95 totally has the leading man thing down. *****”

Anyway. I want you to write a review blurb along those lines for the Diamondbacks offseason. You can make it a serious review, a joke, or some deep philosophical point about life is just spirialing towards entropy. Your choice. And GO!