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Snake Bytes 3/4: Greinke Goldy

Zack Greinke had his first start of spring on Friday. 33 pitches later, he left with a scoreless outing. The team was helped further by Paul Goldschmidt launching his first homer of spring.

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Rusty Greinke makes scoreless debut

The outing only lasted 33 pitches across 1 23 innings, but the Diamondbacks’ ace finished his day without allowing a run.

Goldy launches first spring himer

If the Diamondbacks are going to do much of anything in 2017 they need Paul Goldschmidt to be the “old” Paul Goldschmidt. That means hitting bombs like he did on Friday as part of a four-RBI effort on the day.

Greinke - one of a kind

Joe Posnanski reflects on some of his various Zack Greinke moments from the last 14 years.

How much are last season’s free agents worth now?

Last season the free agent market was filled with numerous high-impact talent. This season there was essentially no noteworthy talent available other than Yoenis Cespedes. What sort of value do last year’s contract hold now?

Should MLBPA have held out for more?

The MLBPA seems to have kicked the can down the road five more years with regards to making some big changes to the game, should they have held out for the seemingly inevitable NL DH now?

David Price not expected to need surgery

After giving the Red Sox quite a scare, the Boston ace’s test results have come back with good news, he is not expected to go under the knife for the 2017 season.

Bryan Price feels pitchers should pitch more, not less to aovid injury

Bryan Price is not convinced tthhat teams coddling pitchers is doing any good and talks abouut his time with Seattle, wheenn the starters would throw twice between starts.

MLB’s new rules are now official

Batters now get free passes wihout needing to “wait” through four wide pitches. Replay times have supposedly been streamlined (we’ll see how it actually plays out). David Price needs to lose the mini-step in his delivery. Let’s here it for pace-of-play “improvements”.

Adam Wainwright pays it forward

Adam Wainwright remembers how veterans helped him through the early days of his career. Now, as one of the Cardinals’ most prominent veteran players, Wainwright is returning the favour and paying it forward. Hopefully Ryan Sherriff will get the same opportunity in the future.