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Fanpost Friday: 2017 Arizona Diamondbacks - reasons for optimism

Why are you looking forward to this season?

Spring Training Workout Photo by Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks/Getty Images

To see if we can generate some more interaction, we’ll be running Fanpost Fridays, at least through spring training - if the response is good, these will then continue once the regular season starts up. The aim is to pose a question, and have people answer it in the form of a Fanpost. Well-formed ones will then be promoted to the front page and featured on the site over the weekend, and you may even find yourself in Google News. Please also read and, as appropriate, recommend any submitted Fanposts.

The issue: What is the Diamondbacks’ upside?

Let’s go with unbridled positivity this week. Give me the reasons to be optimistic about the 2017 Diamondback. Youth? Upside? A new, smarter front-office? I’ll even settle for “things couldn’t be wore than last year.” But let’s go brimming with confidence and enthusiasm for now. Nattering nabobs of negativity, please continue to hold, you’ll be getting your chance next week...

Writing a Fanpost

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Useful link: Extra Fanpost help guide